iron man

  1. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Avengers movie discussion (news/etc.)

    Linky Poo Poo At the Marvel Movies Panel:
  2. vintsukka

    Civil War series discussion (spoilers)

    Civil War # 1 So, we start with the New Warriors scene I'm sure everyone's seen already, resulting in Nitro blowing up near a school. Then New Avengers and the X-Men are clearing the scene and looking for survivors with firefighters, there's Iron Man, Cap, Falcon, Goliath, Iceman (did he get...
  3. ourchair

    Iron Man: Inevitable

    Now that Bendis is off of Daredevil and I've pretty much become sated by the character, I'm thinking of starting up on some Iron Man books. Obviously, Ellis' Iron Man and the Wells/Fisher Big In Japan are on my list. But what about Inevitable? Does anybody read this series and have any...
  4. E

    Avengers Invincible Iron Man #1-6 "Extremis" discussion [spoilers]

    I just reread the first 4 issues of this book...anyone else getting this? Lots of complaining about the scheduling, but this is one of the best "superhero" books available right now and the best Iron Man story I've ever read, by far. It's a relaunch; they're updating it for modern times...