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  1. E

    Before Watchmen - discussion, speculation, rumours, and spoilers

    I don't know how much stock can be put in this, but it's astounding to think someone would commit artistic suicide and be part of this:
  2. ProjectX2

    Earth One

    Welcome to Earth One. I'm really excited for these. JMS and Shane Davis on Superman... and Geoff Johns and Gary Frank on Batman? Awesome!
  3. the watcher

    Squadron Supreme 2 series discussion (spoilers).

    “POWER TO THE PEOPLE” PART 1 (OF 6): Four for the Future They were gods walking the Earth... powerful but flawed, they dreamed of remaking the world in their image. After their apocalyptic battle with Redstone, and after their terrifying fight with the Ultimate Universe, that dream has become...
  4. Ice

    Silver Surfer Movie News.

    Comic Book Resources reports: SILVER SURFER "In a CBR-covered panel this past weekend, writer J. Michael Straczynski revealed that he is writing a screenplay for a movie featuring Norrin Radd." So now we have a writer. With JMS helming the writing duties, I hope everything will...
  5. Ice

    Thor series discussion [Straczynski/Olivier Coipel; spoilers]

    Read the article at Newsarama. His return has been hinted at for months, a bastardized version of him played a supporting role in Civil War, and his fans have been patiently drumming their fingers through it all, waiting and waiting for the real Thor to return to the Marvel Universe...
  6. TheManWithoutFear

    Ultimate Power series discussion [spoilers]

    Uh... Been there, done that. 1/5 They fight the serpent squad. Ben's feelings are hurt. Reed is frustrated he can't cure Ben. Reed asks SHIELD to donate money to explore dimensions via probes. Fury asks if it's about Ben again and tells him the answer is no (makes references to...
  7. E

    Spider-Man Sins Past: brilliant or despicable? (spoilers, of course)

    I was rereading Sins Past yesterday and reveling it it's brilliance (one of the few JMS AMS stories I've really liked), and I was wondering who else thought it was brilliant? Who hated it and thinks it's crap? I loved it first of all because it was a compelling story that fits in perfectly...
  8. E

    Supreme Power renamed "Squadron Supreme"!

    For anyone who missed it (it was a late addition): http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=5989 J. Michael Stracynski and Gary Frank's "Supreme Power" will become "Squadron Supreme" when it moves from the Marvel MAX imprint to Marvel Knights. The new book will get an issue...
  9. ultimatedjf

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man general series discussion (spoilers)

    I've changed my mind on this arc, I'm starting to really like it!! Here's the link: www.milehighcomics.com/firstlook/marvel/amazspid516 I'm pretty sure we can't post spoilers in this thread. :D
  10. ProjectX2

    Supreme Power (and Squadron Supreme)

    Is this book cool? I've read the review and it sounds pretty cool. What is it's rating? Is it recommended? Please tell me any thoughts about this title.