Supreme Power (and Squadron Supreme)


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Sep 15, 2004
Is this book cool? I've read the review and it sounds pretty cool. What is it's rating? Is it recommended? Please tell me any thoughts about this title.
I am a huge fan of this series. It's rated mature, as its on Marvel's MAX line, and it's the closest thing to a DCU book I'll buy. I just love the realism JMS installs in the characters and situations they're thrust in. He handles the book well, and I would love to see this book flourish in the future. Highly recommended.
Would it be recommended for a teenager?
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well there is cursing and nudity, graphic violence and some sex scenes. the question is are you mature enough for it? that depends on you. Show it to your dad and let him decide. Sounds corny but chances are he wont care and it saves any acquardness of hiding it.

Good book, recommennd it but it is for mature readers.
It depends
I love this book, but I don't think it is suitable for a 14-year old teenage boy. I think it might bore you. Huge part of it is talk (about adult stuff), politics, character development, but very few action and even less kewl stuff (but lots and lots of cool stuff).

I don't know if you'd like this book. It depends on your taste, I think.
If you prefer books like Ultimate Spiderman, Cable & Deadpool, Jubilee, Ultimate X-Men, I'd advise against it.
If you prefer books like The Ultimates, Astonishing X-Men, Emma Frost, Marvels, you might like it.
Ordering the book shouldn't be that much of a problem. They could say NO, but I doubt it.

Hope I could help.

I got Supreme Power and I think I am mature enough for it. I like Ultimate Spider-Man and The Ultimates so I'm caught of caught up between it. I love the writing and talking just not so sure about the art.
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BTW, let the Supreme Power discussion begin.
The first trades of this and Punisher are next on my list...
I think it's great how the concept for Supreme Power comes from the Squadron Supreme from 616 Marvel, but the way the characters relate to one another (Nighthawk and Hyperion in #6, Doc Spectrum and Amphibian in #10) and the way the team handles the serial killer in the upcoming arc is what really makes me fall for this title. The dialogue is as sharp as any I've seen in comics today. And I just loved the fight scene between Hyperion and Doc Spec.
Is the second trade gonna have better stories than the first one? Cause the first one was pretty much build up. Is the Hyperion/Doctor Spectrum fight good? Is there lots of Power Princess nakedness?
Guys, I'm going to be picking up the first trade as soon as I find it - am I going to be lost since I've never read Squadron Supreme?
I never heard of the Suadron Supreme 'til I read the first three issues of Supreme Power myself. The book takes place outside of 616 continuity.
I am REALLY tempted to buy this. I just wish i knew more about it. Wats the art like? lotsa sex and violence? is there good character development? wats the roster like? is it a changing roster like avengers or a set one like FF? Is it an ongoing series or a mini series?
DISCLAIMER: I still haven't read beyond the first trade

Not much sex so far (only one short panel, and not very visual), and only limited violence. Both have effects on the development of the acting characters, however.
The Character development is quite good, so far.
There is no permanent rooster so far, since the team hasn't even formed by issue 6. The team aspect is just far less important than the proper characterization of the characters. JMS took a handful of core characters, utimazed them and made them interesting. I don't think a changing rooster is even possible on this title. It is an ongoing series.
I can't find the tpb ANYWHERE.
You should try order it from somewhere far away. Yes, I don't think you need to read Squadron Supreme first, but it might help if you want to learn and understand more. Like Ricky said, it's pretty much an ultimization of it.
Yeah i agree with that. It is the squad was marvels answer to the jla and since this is U squad it is also UJLA

this book is really good but i am looking forward to the actual team forming
got the 1st TPB today. Only read the first chapter so far but its really good and i would REALLY recommend it to people who havent read it

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