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  1. Ice

    Doctor Strange ongoing series (Aaron/Bachalo)

    Doctor Strange Gets a New #1 From Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo After Secret Wars Thor writer Jason Aaron and veteran X-Men artist Chris Bachalo will team for Doctor Strange, launching after the events of Secret Wars, Entertainment Weekly reports. "We wanted a Doctor Strange who...
  2. DIrishB

    Star Wars (Marvel ongoing)

    So I checked this out the other day and was extremely pleased. Jason Aaron's script and dialogue was a perfect example of everything that's good about Star Wars. The dialogue was literally perfect. The characters sound so true to their film versions you can't help but hear the...
  3. Ice

    Avengers Thor (Aaron/Dauterman) Spoilers

    Female Thor is back in town, but an all-new one. BREAKING: MARVEL DEBUTS FEMALE THOR ON "THE VIEW" Marvel has since revealed that the new "Thor" #1 will debut in October, from the creative team of Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. This October, Marvel Comics evolves once again in...
  4. Ice

    Original Sin Event (Aaron/Deodato Jr)

  5. Ice

    Amazing X-Men (Spoilers)

    New ongoing coming November with the first arc to have Nightcrawler's return! The first arc is called "The Quest for Nightcrawler" and the series will have Firestar joining the ranks of the Jean Grey School staff/X-Men! Firestar and Iceman on the same team! I think I'm going into shock here...
  6. E

    Thanos Rising (spoilers)

    So this was not at all what I was expecting. I didn't read any solits for this and I guess I just automatically assumed it was about Thanos coming back into power for whatever cosmic event is going on coming up soon. I had no idea they were going to explore his childhood. In that regard it was...
  7. Ice

    Avengers Thor: God of Thunder (Aaron/Ribic) (Spoilers)

    Jason Aaron's Thor run starts with a God Killer, who's been going around killing gods from everywhere for over 2 millenia. The way Aaron is telling this story is really in three parts. Past Thor, Present Thor, and Future Thor. It's broken up nicely and told with good pacing. Past Thor is the...
  8. Ice

    Wolverine & The X-Men (Spoilers) (Jason Aaron run)

    Time for the first two covers to be un-blacked. And posting #3 to show something: What is it with all those little Nightcrawler creatures? Are they there for a reason or is Bachalo signing his work in a weird, but unique kind of way?
  9. ProjectX2

    Punisher MAX [Aaron/Dillon] discussion (Spoilers!)

    If anyone can write a Punisher story that can stand up to Garth Ennis's work, it would be Aaron. The first issue was a very quick read but I think it has a lot of potential. I have a feeling that the MAX version of Wilson Fisk is going to be a very interesting character indeed...
  10. Ice

    Wolverine: Weapon X (Aaron/Garney)

    Aaron & Garney Reunite on Wolverine: Weapon X Ongoing As X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits theaters next year, the character will get a brand new ongoing comic book, Wolverine: Weapon X. Reuniting writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney, who brought readers last year's "Get Mytique" arc in...
  11. Hibiki

    Scalped Series Discussion (Spoilers and Speculation) Thread

    Ok so if any of you have been following my Wizard World Dallas Thread, you'd know that I picked up Scalped while there. Well, about three hours ago, while on lunch, I finished the first trade. Wow. Dare I say better than the Boys? Ennis is hardcore, hands down, but his plot development...
  12. Gemini

    Ghost Rider series discussion (Spoilers!)

    Jason Aaron of Scalped fame will be taking over both Wolverine and Ghost Rider in February 2008 he will be doing a four issue stint with artist Ron Garney after Marc Guggenheim finishes his story, starting with issue #62 and he is going to be the ongoing writer on Ghost Rider with a plot...
  13. TheManWithoutFear

    Wolverine - series discussion (spoilers)

    I HATE WOLVERINE.... :twisted: Of course I picked up the most recent Wolverine comic part 5 of "Enemy of the State" Daredevil's in it... Did anyone else read any of these...?? I mean it pretty much brings in everyone just to beat "the world's greatest weapon" (yea, whatever). I guess...