Avengers Thor: God of Thunder (Aaron/Ribic) (Spoilers)


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Jul 24, 2004
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Jason Aaron's Thor run starts with a God Killer, who's been going around killing gods from everywhere for over 2 millenia. The way Aaron is telling this story is really in three parts. Past Thor, Present Thor, and Future Thor.

It's broken up nicely and told with good pacing. Past Thor is the cocky, "I'm so awesome, see how awesome I am!" attitude having we've seen before and during a celebration after a fight is when he sees the first killings from the God Killer. When it comes to Present Thor, he sees more evidence of the killings when he goes looking for gods of a planet where he was prayed to from. The God Killer did a real number on all the gods; hanging them by hooks, chopped up, left opened, and even left on shelves. Freaky.

Future Thor is the only Asgardian left and looks just like Odin, minus an arm to go with having an eye gone. It ends with him attacking some dogs, I'm guessing attack dogs from the God Killer?

#2 is out at the end of the month. It's a different type of story for the Thor series (from the stories I've read anyways) and it's one where I'm really interested and excited for. I haven't been this excited for Thor since the issue where he fought against Iron Man after Civil War.

Esad Ribic's art is a nice match for the story. I thought it fit nicely with the atmoshere Aaron is setting up for this.
I'll check this out eventually but I've never been huge on Jason Aaron; his stuff never really did anything for me and his Hulk was one of the most god-awful things Marvel has released in several years.

JMS is the only person who has ever written a Thor that I cared anything about.
Well, I went to my local comic shop today and I saw Thor on the shelf. The guy had still first printings of 1, 2, and 3. So I had some spare cash and I bought em. I am so glad I bought them instead of Hawkeye (went back 2 hours later to pick up these lol). This may be my favorite comic book right now, I love the first issue and how it goes from past to present and future and back and forth. It's a very good read. At first I was turned off by the artwork, for some reason I didn't like how somewhat "fake" the artwork was, only way I can put it. But definitely glad I managed to look past it and buy it. Fantastic read.. Managed to read all 3 back to back in one sitting it was so good (having ADD makes this difficult). So if you're contemplating picking up this title, think no more and put on your subscription list, definitely worth the money.
At first I was turned off by the artwork, for some reason I didn't like how somewhat "fake" the artwork was, only way I can put it.

I hated Esad Ribic's work when he was doing the House of M covers, but it kind of grew on me. I quite like him now.
I've always loved Esad Ribic's work and enjoy it even more so now since it seems to be perfect for the story that Aaron is telling.
I didn't realize we had a thread for this when I posted in the Marvel Now thread about it.

I'm enjoying this quite a lot. Jason Aaron's Hulk was a huge turnoff for me and put me off wanting to check out anything new by him, but I like the three different perspectives and the 3 Thors in different eras. I really liked the JMS Thor run but I think I might actually prefer the feel of this book...less goofy fun and more like I would expect a Norse god book to look and feel.
This new volume of Thor has been great with every issue.

It really has. I'm not really that big on Jason Aaron but this whole series has just been stellar.