Wolverine & The X-Men (Spoilers) (Jason Aaron run)


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Jul 24, 2004
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Time for the first two covers to be un-blacked.



And posting #3 to show something:


What is it with all those little Nightcrawler creatures? Are they there for a reason or is Bachalo signing his work in a weird, but unique kind of way?
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I was going to say the same thing about the Nightcrawlers.... I wish TJ would come back. At this point, I'm only getting W&tXM just for Bachalo.
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:D I hope the first arc is Invasion Of The Nightcrawlers.

Bachalo's the big sell for me too. I love that guy. But Aaron is fantastic too and the lineup looks interesting. This just looks like a solid book from any angle.
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Maybe Quire's becoming a Goblin Queen of sorts and he's got these little Nightcrawlers as his servants.
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Maybe Quire's becoming a Goblin Queen of sorts and he's got these little Nightcrawlers as his servants.

Y'know, that'd be kinda neat.
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These covers are awesome. I always thought that Quentin Quire was an interesting character.
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Jason Aaron is answering questions about the book for today on his twitter account. TOG and I got questions in! But to update on what he's been answering:

  • To find out who the little alligator person in the suit is, read Astonishing X-Men #42/43.
  • Toad will be a recurring character in the series.
  • Though most people would figure he'd be in it, Lockheed is confirmed to be in the book.
  • Iceman will play a big/breakout role as Jason Aaron says it's way past time he stepped up.
  • Still no return of Maggot.
  • No plans for The Orb to appear.
  • Look out for X-Force & Avengers to "weigh-in" on Wolverine leading his own X-Men team.
  • Issue #1 will right away tell us why we're seeing Nightcrawler-looking creatures.
  • Bachalo will be the main artist on the book.
  • The Danger room returns, but in a completely new way.
  • An old X-villain will appear sometime, this being "the main villain from one of the biggest X-Men stories ever."

And for fun:
  • Wolverine wears a tie in the first issue!
  • Jason thinks he's too obvious in giving Iceman a Jason Aaron-esque beard!

There will probably be more questions answered, so we'll see later on. Also, there's this article about the series on Google.
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Re: Wolverine & The X-Men (Spoilers)

I'm really liking what Aaron's been doing with the X-Men...
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A few more things!

  • X-Force will tie in to the book in a very big way.
  • If wondering what kind of classes will be at the new school, the first issue will show a class list.
  • Doop emerges again and will do so in issue #1.
  • Aaron will be exploring more of Iceman's powers.
  • The book will have elements from all different eras of the X-Men lore.
  • Wolverine issues #17-19 will explain how Logan gets the fund to found the new school.
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Man, Wolverine sure loves trolling Cyclops.

I also find this interesting. When Cyclops rebuilt the school, he had a Phoenix statue i memory of Jean. But here we have Wolverine doing the same, but the statue is of her Marvel Girl costume.

I think it's sweet.
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Damn it, I really want to read this book.

Me too.

I'm as guilty as anyone of harping on the incestuous, over-populated, over-tangled mythology of the X-Men, but I do think there's something compelling in the militarized minority perspective of the "gold team" books.

But this looks like hands down the most entertaining book of the NEW DIRECTION.

The fact that it's Jason Aaron is just icing on the cake. Aaron's fantastic.
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Teaser released by Marvel today:


Promoting today's release of "Wolverine and the X-Men" #1, Marvel has released a teaser of "Things to Come" in the Jason Aaron-helmed series featuring art from Chris Bachalo and teaser artist Nick Bradshaw. The image features, among other things, Kitty Pryde in a hospital bed, Marvel's classic Frankenstein's Monster and a shot of Cyclops, ready to cut loose with a massive energy blast.

From CBR.
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