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  1. the watcher

    Ultimates 3 #1-5 discussion [Loeb/Madureira] [spoilers]

    Not a bad start for Loeb's first Ultimates issue the title lives up to the name in the first frame. "Sex, Lies, & DVD, as we see most of the team watching a video of Tony and Natalia having... relations. And it seems as if the whole team is in a really bad mood. So there they are Hawkeye...
  2. F

    Ultimates 3 # 1 Art

    ign has some art from issue #1 Looks pretty good. I'm pretty pumped for this.
  3. Fuzzy Birds

    Wizard announces Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira on Ultimates 3

    As reported by, Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira will be taking over on Ultimates Volume 3, taking the helm after Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch. JEPH LOEB MOVES TO MARVEL The DC writer heads to the House of Ideas to do Ultimates with Joe Madureira! PLUS: Exclusive first look...