john cassaday

  1. DIrishB

    Star Wars (Marvel ongoing)

    So I checked this out the other day and was extremely pleased. Jason Aaron's script and dialogue was a perfect example of everything that's good about Star Wars. The dialogue was literally perfect. The characters sound so true to their film versions you can't help but hear the...
  2. E

    Avengers Uncanny Avengers by Rick Remender (spoilers!)

    Best ending to a comic since...I don't even know when. Totally out of left field and an awesome idea. It's fair to say that I was legitimately shocked when I saw it. Other than that it was full of great character moments and interactions. It's like Remender took his Uncanny X-Force and...
  3. ProjectX2

    Avengers Captain America: Reborn (Brubaker/Hitch) MAJOR SPOILERS

    Rumour has it that Ed Brubaker's secret project is a 5 issue mini series called Reborn drawn by Bryan Hitch, inked by Butch Guice and covers by John Cassaday. It is probably the source behind those recent star teasers in Marvel Comics and may involve the return of Captain America...
  4. Ice

    Giant Size Astonishing X-Men (Discussion/Spoilers)

    No, I'm not making anything up. We got something to view fors realz!!! CBR previews GSAXM #1 with the first 4 pages, no words- but colored! What a tweest!
  5. ProjectX2


    Does anyone get this? (Wildstorm fans? - ourchair, compound?) I read the first trade while I was in OZ and it looked really good. I extremelly like the character Elijah Snow. It had a good story and I managed to understand all of Ellis' science talk. I am a fan of Ellis' work and am...
  6. Ice

    Astonishing X-Men discussion (spoilers)

    If anyone at all have been reading Astonishing X-Men, you would know that at the end of issue #3, it was ended with us believing that Jeans body has been used to test the so called "cure". Well my fellow board members, I disapprove of that. I may be wrong, but you wanna know why I say this...