Giant Size Astonishing X-Men (Discussion/Spoilers)

Cassidy drawing the fantastic four looks a bit too much like The Four. (and when he finishes this, they better ****ing get around to that epilogue issue i've been waiting for for over a year).
This reminds me of the scene of the FF in AXM #7 or so, and everyone wanted Whedon/Cassaday to do a Fantastic Four comic. They showed up on like two pages.
This issue was so sweet. And sad. This series has been nothing but a bunch of great character moments, which is what the X-Men really needed. Whedon and Cassaday have done a great job.

Now it's time for Planetary, Mr. Cassaday.
Brand was one of my favorite things in AXM.

Fantastic ending.

The bullet phasing through the world was such a great screen. It was much awesome.
Great issue. I need to re-read it after reading the rest of the arc because so much time had passed that I forgot some of the plot points, but good nonetheless.

It was pretty gripping emotionally. There's something much worse about Kitty being bonded with a 10-mile long super bullet hurling through infinity than her just dying. I would have expected Peter to be more torn up about it, but ah well. Maybe that's just not his personality.

Great finish to the whole thing. Can't wait for the Omnibus. They'd' BETTER do an Omnibus.
I think this was a perfect ending to the best X-Book since Morrison's New X-Men.

Totally agree.

Could not agree with you more. And I love how Brand is now half an alien all of a sudden and has the hots for Beast.

Break you like a pony.

'Nuff said.

One of the best reveals ever. I so didn't see it coming and yet it makes perfect sense.

There was lots of good here.

Ord, the Genosha Sentinel... the crazy magic barrier that bamboozled everyone and how Spidey worked it out... Spidey in total (please let Whedon right a Spidey story, Marvel - God, can you imagine his MJ?)... Wolverine and Armour (love Armour so much)...

Proper good. My only problem (and it's TEENY) is that Cyclops speaks like Malcolm Reynolds. One the one hand, it's awesome. On the other, it's kinda breaking me out of the immersion. Teeny, see?

And I think my favourite two panels are in the last pages where we see Colossus and Professor X. It's beautifully drawn but... if I get this right... Chuck is linking Colossus and Kitty together for those last moments.

That... I think... is perhaps the best moment in the entire run.
I think Armour is one of the best things to come out of this story and into mainstream continuity. I hope that she soon becomes Logan's new buddy sidekick.

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