1. Ice

    X-Men: Second Coming (Discussion & Spoilers)

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  2. Gemini

    Wolverine and the X-Men (Spoilers)

    Okay, I saw the ep, I didn't account for the timezone so luckily i didn't miss the show. And it was pretty good, not spectacular or anything, it kinda felt like a continuation of X-Men Evolution. there was a number of surprising cameo's, including a couple of Yost's pet characters, (Dust...
  3. Ice

    X-Men: First Class Movie

    And not, "A movie based on a comic that only has one issue out?!?!". They just happen to share the same name (or possibly share...I dunno). CBR reports: YOUNG X-MEN Screenwriter Zak Penn was interviewed by Comicmix and noted that he's got his eye on Westchester. "I'm ...