marc silvestri

  1. Ice

    Loeb/Silvestri project in works? And who else may be involved?!

    LitG: It looks like you just can’t have private conversations at San Diego Comic Con anymore. One Gutterati writes to say, "I was getting a few books signed by Jeph Loeb when Rob Liefeld stopped by to say hi. Jeph and Rob were chatting when Loeb turned to Rob and said "Hey. Silvestri still...
  2. ProjectX2

    New X-Men Omnibus Amazing. :shock:
  3. Bass

    New X-Men by Grant Morrison - discussion [spoilers]

    Ok, so Xorn was Magneto. I've looked through the issues, and some hints ("A man in an iron prison") I get, others, not so much. Morrison said that there was indeed hints in the 'widescreen' issue in which Xorn first appeared, but I can't find 'em. Anyone want to share the hints with the...