Loeb/Silvestri project in works? And who else may be involved?!


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Jul 24, 2004
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It looks like you just can't have private conversations at San Diego Comic Con anymore. One Gutterati writes to say, "I was getting a few books signed by Jeph Loeb when Rob Liefeld stopped by to say hi. Jeph and Rob were chatting when Loeb turned to Rob and said "Hey. Silvestri still has four issues left on his Marvel contract. What should we do?" Liefeld threw out X-Men, but I don't think Loeb was interested. Hulk wasn't a winner either.

Nevertheless, it looks like a Loeb and Silvestri project may be in the works.

But one wonders what happened to the Bendis/Ellis/Silvestri "War: The Initiative" oneshot, or the six issue Bendis/Silvestri mini-series that never happened.
Bendis/Ellis/Silvestri "War: The Initiative
This one actually came out, I have it

It was kind of like Civil War Choosing Sides, there was lead-ins to NA, MA, A:TI, and T-Bolts Bendis wrote the Avengers lead-ins, and Ellis wrote the T-Bolts one, Silvestri did the art on each, then a bunch of four page previews for other books like she-hulk, ms. marvel, and Cap #25

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