mark brooks

  1. Jaggyd

    Avengers Young Avengers: Dark Reign

    Matt Brooks posted this on his DA page. Apparently this is the new Young Avengers line up. He included this link to the Marvel page about it. Link
  2. the watcher

    Ultimate X-Men #98-100 "Ultimatum"

    Get your first look at the last story for Ultimate X-Men:
  3. Gemini

    Ultimate X-Men: Absolute Power (#94-97)

    Preview located here: there is some deft continuity waggling, wich I think is for the best personally after the lump this book landed in after Kirkman finished up some good characterizations, Coliete appears to get these characters, Alpha...
  4. comic_geek21

    New X-Men Series Discussion (Spoilers)

    I couldn't tell if there already was one, so I decided to make one. Well, the final team roster is official. The last issue was pretty hardcore, but for those that don't know, here is the New X-Men lineup: Surge Hellion Mercury Dust Rockslide X-23 (yay!) What do you guys...