marvel zombies

  1. Mattimeo84

    Ultimate TPB Thread (Take Two)

    Squadron Supreme Squadron Supreme: Death Of A Universe Supreme Power – Nighthawk Doctor Spectrum – Full Spectrum Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra Vol. 1 Ultimate Elektra - Devil's Due Supreme Power Vol. 1 – Contact Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 1 - The Fantastic Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 2 - Doom...
  2. the watcher

    Marvel Zombies Future.

    Since we're kinda on the zombie subject and Krikman left a openning for Marvel to continue on with Marvel Zombies. What would you like them to do with them if they continue on? What Universe do you want them to show up in? (I.E. team up with DC and have a Mavel Zombies vs. DC Zombies...
  3. fenway

    How about a 'Marvel Zom-nibus'??

    So I enjoy the Marvel Zombies stuff :) What about a 'Zomnibus' Ultimate FF - 21-23 Ultimate FF - 30-32 Marvel Zombies 1-5 MZ vs. Army of Darkness 1-5 Dead Days Black Panther 28-30 Marvel Zombies 2 1-5 25 issues, and loads of fantastic Suydam covers alternate covers. They...
  4. Gemini

    More Unnecessary Zombie Variants Coming In October :arrgh: :arrgh: In October marvel will release a number of extraneous zombie variants in order to capitalize on MZ2 and Halloween She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine (which already is getting zombie covers if im not mistaken), Ultimate...
  5. Issued

    Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness (SPOILERS/DISCUSSION)

    Not-zombie-yet spider-man talks to the zombie heroes, says that he wants ash to himself and threatens them with eating Hawkeye's brain.Somehow the zombie heroes agree and they let ash and spidey go. They have an argument over a rooftop, spidey swings away to protect MJ and May, while Ash swears...
  6. DIrishB

    Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1 (SPOILERS/DISCUSSION)

    Great issue! Awesome fun! If the series continues at this rate, it'll out-do even the first MZ series by Kirkman. The black humor, sarcasm, and general tone of the issue is perfect. Its revealed through flashbacks that Ash apparently died (if you read Army of Darkness #13 its covered there)...
  7. the watcher

    Marvel Zombies Vol. 2, Poll.

    At Newsarama they asked a question: will there be a Marvel Zombies Sequel. J.Q. said it might be in the works. So who here would like to see a Marvel Zombies Vol. 2. What do you think the story should be about? And who do you think should be the writer and the artist?
  8. E

    Marvel Zombies series discussion (spoilers)

    No thread on this yet? Was I the only one to pick it up? Nice start - I wanted to see how this issue shaped up to see if I wanted to continue getting it and it certainly didn't disappoint. Basically Magneto tries to get away and does...for a while. But they catch up to him, Zombie Wasp bites...