More Unnecessary Zombie Variants Coming In October


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Jun 29, 2006
Kelowna, B.C, Canada

:arrgh: :arrgh:

In October marvel will release a number of extraneous zombie variants in order to capitalize on MZ2 and Halloween

She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine (which already is getting zombie covers if im not mistaken), Ultimate X-Men? WTF

seriously Joey Q needs to get the leash back on his marketing department, this is becoming an epidemic, they were nice when they actually had something to do with Marvel Zombies, but this is rediculous.

I urge you to not buy these variants
Great thread title.
Yes nice title... but I posted a link from about this very thing just a few weeks ago, sorry. I put it in the Marvel Zombies thread.
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thats a nice pic, but totally unnecesary, the only book that should be getting zombie covers should be Marvel Zombis
BVut hey they make great t-shirts.

Marvel Zombies T-shirt's sell like crazy

Would you guys be angry is i bought the variant zombie covers?
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It wouldn't bother me... I probably won't get any myself. But I probably put some of the pics. in my photobucket account.
The cool thing about these, though, is that we're going to get volumes and volumes of art books collecting the paintings. I'm alright with that. Suydam is going to get tired of it eventually and move on to something else, anyway.

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