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  1. Goodwill

    Goodwill's Art

    Hey, guys... It's summer time and to occupy my time I'd like to draw for you guys. I'd like to think I'm fairly decent. I am, after all, an Art Major (with a business minor... I'm hoping to get into marketin). Anyway, I'm not real sure what to draw, so I'll take suggestions from you guys...
  2. Langsta

    Langsta Opera or: The Works of Langsta

    All works by Langsta will now go in this thread, so I don't have to keep making new threads for different ideas that I'll "probably not develop on anytime soon anyway." So, hopefully, this will be the last annoying thread I put up in the fanfic section. First, here's something I plan on...
  3. Langsta

    Say hello to my little friend....

    Yeah, I was bored. Thoughts?
  4. Fuzzy Birds

    Latest FuzzyArt

    Hi y'all, Though I'm sure none of you remember, I promised in my last thread that I was working on a new batch of pieces for my Amesville characters and that I'd show 'em here when finished. Well, here are a number of them. There's still a handful coming. I opted for a different tone and style...
  5. Jaggyd

    Jaggyd's Revenge

    Thanks guys. oh yeah, to give myself a little attention, my new website/blog is here. And Skotti's page at Deviant Art
  6. Gideon Stargrave

    Wade's drawings and stuff

    Here are a few drawings I did the other day during my AP US History class. Keep in mind that I'm a kid in high school who's never taken a class in drawing; not a professional artist. However, any feedback would be totally teh awesome. I decided to put my own stuff on here after looking through...
  7. slimjim

    Slimmy's art!

    Re: Fan Art Finally got photoshop CS on my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  8. Random

    Art by Random

    This picture is also in my signature, Secret Wars I did in photoshop, I just cut out a bunch of Marvel super heros and place them together. I update it when I can. I keep it as my background I also made this one: Secret Wars: Part 2 But its not as good.
  9. ourchair

    Fan Art

    It's a cutie wootie little chibi Matt Murdock! :crazy:
  10. JonnyFreeze

    Art by Johnny Freeze

    new to the forums. ultimate central is awesome a truly great place for info and news on ultimate comics. anyways i thought i might share with you my site where i have posted up cartoons i have made. its over at: but i will also include the links os u can just view the...
  11. M

    Marvelman's art of stuff and more.

    See below
  12. moonmaster

    Moonmaster's Art

    Here's a little bit of my art. I hope you don't think its too bad.