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Jun 16, 2004
Philadelphia, PA
Hey, guys... It's summer time and to occupy my time I'd like to draw for you guys. I'd like to think I'm fairly decent. I am, after all, an Art Major (with a business minor... I'm hoping to get into marketin). Anyway, I'm not real sure what to draw, so I'll take suggestions from you guys. If you've got an idea, character, or whatever you want me to draw, just post it here and I'll see what I can do. Let me know as soon as possible - I'd like to draw one out for you guys today!
Roland is coming along awesomely. I'm hoping to have him up for you guys tomorrow. Hopefully, more people will take notice of this thread... Especially Skotti, I'd like some feedback from her. :-D
I give you -

Roland of Gilead

That's pretty good. My only criticism is that the right side of the face isn't as wide as the left side, you should be able to see more of his eye.

Hmm...draw Indiana Jones.
Thanks for the love, guys. I worked all weekend on this guy and I thought it turned out pretty good despite its flaws.

Keep the suggestions going at all times, by the way, I'd love lots of choices! :)
Okay, to be honest, it's not that the left side is narrower than the right as Iceshadow suggested.

moving the right eye, nose, mouth a bit to the right would help bunches.

his arm/shoulder need to be thickened some (just move the shoulder/arm lines that are left of the gun a bit to the left)

The fingers are a little off, as to how a revolver's grip is made. It's narrower in the middle, and fatter at the end, so it would push his pinky up some.

I'm terrible at giving crits, so I'm hoping this helps. (sadly it's inked so it's damn near impossible now to change)
That's pretty good. The only major problem I have with it is the head, as others have said. Your Indy should be sweet.
I like the Joker and the scarred half of Dent's face, but the normal side looks like the same as Roland's. Good job though.

Just, wow. That is pure amazing.

If I get manage to get someway into my Metal Gear Solid meets Magic/Steampunk book, I'll give you a call to draw the main character. :)