mike mckone

  1. E

    Marvel To Publish New Line Of "A-List" Original Graphic Novels

    Via Bleeding Cool: This is what the season one books should have been. Most of those have been terrible, and at best they've been unremarkable. And I'd rather see a better artist than Mike McKone on a Warren Ellis book.
  2. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man #581-582 "Mind on Fire" (Spoilers)

    Okay, so this is the arc I've been waiting for. I'm pretty disappointed that it's only two issues long, but I'm glad they FINALLY are addressing this. 581 wasn't very impressive, a lot of talking and then mark Raxton who is still suffering from the Molten Man stuff goes crazy on Harry. The...
  3. Ice

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (Discussion/Spoilers)

    No, it's not out just yet, but here's an article with Newsarama and writer Marc Guggenheim. Marc Guggenheim - Amazing Annual: Jackpot Revealed? The annual will be on sale on 10/29/08.