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  1. Ice

    Spider-Man Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Ongoing (Bendis/Pichelli)

    As it was mentioned elsewhere, Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli will be the creative team on the Miles Morales "Spider-Man" titled ongoing series. Now there's more info being released and Bendis says the first year of the title will serve as the sequel to the Spider-Men mini-series...
  2. Ice

    Spider-Man Spider-Verse Discussion/Spoilers

    Dan Slott Unveils "Spider-Verse" Featuring "Every Spider-Man Ever" Call began with the first details: Starting in November, Slott and Olivier Coipel are bringing "every Spider-Man from every universe together for the first time." The story starts in "Amazing Spider-Man" #9, and continues in...
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    Spider-Men (Mini-series)
  4. T

    What villains should Miles Morales face?

    What villains should Miles Morales face? Spider-Man's rogues gallery, other established Marvel villains or some completely new villains?