moon knight

  1. Ice

    Moon Knight (Warren Ellis/Declan Shalvey) - Spoilers

    Warren Ellis to pit Moon Knight against ‘weird crime’ in Marvel series Moon Knight may not yet be a marquee Marvel character, but he’s acclaimed writer Warren Ellis’ kind of weird. A mercenary brought back to life by an ancient Egyptian god, the moneyed, gadget-equipped vigilante alter ego...
  2. E

    Moon Knight by Bendis & Maleev (spoilers)

    No discussion on this? I just got caught up. 3 issues are out. No one is reading it? It's really good so far! I'm not noticing the Bendis vocal tics all over the place like usual, which is a huge plus. And he's doing some cool things with the character - he's got a new "sidekick" who is a...
  3. Ice

    Shadowland (spoilers!)

    Billy Tan to draw the event. The only thing that's known: "...he [Billy Tan] will be working on an event called “The Shadowland,” which Tan said will involve the street-level characters in the Marvel Universe. That event is scheduled for 2010." No writers have been revealed...
  4. Random

    Moon Knight TV series discusion/speculation

    I have a feeling this will end up like Blade
  5. TheManWithoutFear

    Moon Knight Series Discussion (Spoilers)

    This issue sold out fast at my LCS. So I don't know what happened. I was gonna flip through it. You know, just to understand my enemy sorta thing. But no one hopped on this at all today? Cmon' someone read it.