Moon Knight by Bendis & Maleev (spoilers)


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May 17, 2004
No discussion on this? I just got caught up. 3 issues are out. No one is reading it?

It's really good so far! I'm not noticing the Bendis vocal tics all over the place like usual, which is a huge plus. And he's doing some cool things with the character - he's got a new "sidekick" who is a former SHIELD agent, and, more significantly, he's manifested new personalities in the form of Spider-Man, Wolverine, & Captain America. He even dressed as Spider-Man while having a "discussion" and broke into this club - it was different. I like.
I've read the first two issues. I didn't like that he actually dressed up as Spider-Man but everything else is good so far. The art is especially good.
Have not read it, but it seems like the kind of thing Bendis would write well. Bendis can write solo Urban heroes well, take him out of that box and he sucks. He's not like Rob Liefeld, who sucks all the time.
The Overlord said:
Have not read it, but it seems like the kind of thing Bendis would write well.

Yep, exactly. That's exactly what this is. It reminds me a lot if Daredevil but without reading as derivative.
I like it. Big mk fan! In what seems to be the minority but I like bendis. Liked his run on dd. Also love new avengers
In what seems to be the minority but I like bendis.

A lot of people here like some of Bendis's work (DD and Alias seem to be well-liked, New Avengers not quite as much but I think more people liked it than not). It's just that his crappy work is REALLY crappy.
Bendis is generally fun to read when he's concentrating on a couple of books and not stretching himself too thin. He hit an all time low when he was writing Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Origins, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Secret Invasion, and I think at least one other title which I can't remember right now all at the same time.
#9 was really good. It was an uncommonly brilliant idea to make Marc Spector's "voices" as actual heroes - and distinctly different ones at that.

I always liked Echo and I hope she's not dead. Unlike in New Avengers Bendis is writing her pretty well in this book.
Thoughts on this? I just read the last issue, #12.


The Avengers are called in to take care of Count Nefaria after he kills the crooked cop and Tony Stark takes the Ultron head. Ultron is apparently planning something big; no one knows what and it looks like it will be an event. Ugh. That seriously was the end.

Marc seems to haven taken on different personalities by the end of the book: Iron Man, Wolverine, and...Echo.

I liked some of the ideas in this story but it just seemed kind of aimless and meandering. And the ending was anticlimactic and bad.

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