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    Phoneman Call 4 Justice motion comic animation

  2. Captain Canuck

    Thor: The Dark World (spoilers)

    So I just got back from seeing it. I really liked it a lot. I read a lot of complaints online about how the first hour is slow and how the villain is underdeveloped and his motivations unclear, and how the humour didn't mesh well with the darker themes. I didn't think any of that was a...

    Green Lantern discussion thread *spoilers*

    Just saw it. I have to get up early so I'll keep my thoughts short, and explain more tomorrow. Good news: it's nowhere near as bad as some of the reviews would lead you to believe. Bad news: It's still not as good as it could, or should, have been. When it comes down to it the movie's...
  4. T

    What would you want to see in another Hulk movie?

    What would you want to see in another Hulk movie? Should Bruce Banner be played by Mark Ruffalo or someone else? Who should be the villain? Should the movie be a reboot or a sequel to the last movie?
  5. Captain Canuck

    ScarJo in a solo Black Widow movie possibly (hopefully) sometime in the future...

    SHH: Discuss.
  6. Captain Canuck

    The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Coming to 2-D and 3-D theatres December 10, 2010 Dawn Treader is my favourite book in the series. When I saw the trailer before Toy Story 3 I got so excited I almost forgot why I was there.
  7. J. Agamemnon

    Mortal Kombat Legacy web-series

    So there's speculation of either an MK movie or a new video game in the works. You be the judge. Michael Jai White FTW!
  8. ProjectX2

    Jon Hamm is...

    From a discussion in the Captain America thread: Jon Hamm as Steve Rogers or Reed Richards? Who should he be?
  9. Captain Canuck

    Much More Mark Millar Movie Madness

    Here we go again. Source =Millarworld
  10. T

    What should done with the X-men movie franchise?

    Since there have been two good X-Men films and two not so good X-men, what should done with the X-men movie franchise at this point?
  11. bluebeast

    The Three Stooges Apparantly Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro and Jim Carrey will be playing Larry, Moe and Curly respectively. Intereseting.
  12. ProjectX2

    Watching movies backwards

    Came across this 4chan page which lists what a movie is like when watching it backwards. Since it's 4chan, the advertisements and stuff are obviously NSFW. Some hilarious ones in there, like if you watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button backwards it's about a normal guy. But beware...
  13. SSJmole

    Fantastic Four Reboot

    Taken from Thank god. Your thoughts?
  14. T_Montalbano

    Daredevil reboot

    Kevin Feige has stated "there are many more stories to be told with old Hornhead and we'd love to tell them someday." Avi Arad has also said that a sequel will begin development once the rights go from 20th Century Fox to Marvel Studios. Director Mark Steven Johnson showed interest in returning...
  15. T

    Can anything be done with the Fantastic Four franchise at this point?

    Can anything be done with the Fantastic Four franchise at this point?