neil gaiman

  1. ProjectX2

    Wednesday Comics

    I talked about this in the DC Nation thread but I think this could be a big thing so I'm going to make a thread for it. DC’s Dan Didio announced the next weekly comic-book from DC at the ComicsPRO Annual Meeting. Called “Wednesday Comics,” this 12-week series will resemble an oversized comics...
  2. E

    Neil Gaiman to design a demise for Batman

    No one mentioned this article in USA Today earlier this week? Neil Gaiman to design a demise for Batman Will success kill Batman? Just as The Dark Knight closes in on $1 billion worldwide gross, DC Comics is ready to have Bruce Wayne "die" — or at least give up the cape — in his monthly...
  3. Ultimate Houde

    Neil Gaiman Book Discussion

    This is a thread for Neil Gaiman's books, everything from his short stories, to his much longer novels. The three books I really enjoy that Neil wrote are, American Gods, Neverwhere and Good Omens. Though the last one is co written by Terry Pratchett. Neil seems to be in his best when he...
  4. Ultimate Houde

    Books Of Magic

    I saw this TPB in my library yesterday and picked it up. One hour later I reread it. The comic is by Neil Gaiman, and four different artists, and deals with a young boy (Timothy Hunter) who is approached by the Trenchcoat Brigade, Phantom Stranger, Mister E, Doc Occult, and John Constantine...
  5. Friday

    Absolute Sandman

    So I get up today and lo and behold an e-mail from Amazon! But what does it say? My Absolute Sandman shipping date has changed! Damnit! ... Wait, its sooner? Its supposed to be here as early as next wensday? And its now listed as in stock with Amazon. Anyone hear about it coming out early...
  6. Dr.Strangefate

    Eternals Series Discussion (spoilers)

    Who picked this up today? Everybody love it as much as I did... Cuz I thought it was ****ing AMAZING.
  7. thee great one

    Death - The High Cost Of Living *Spoilers*

    I picked this up at a local bookstore today cause it looked good and Neil Gaiman is an awesome writer. It follows what I guess is a Sandman charcter who is Death. As in the grim reaper. But she is a sweet carefree girl. I loved this. It was a great little story about death spending a day as a...
  8. Bass

    Miracleman series discussion (spoilers)

    Who has read this? It's outstanding. You can't buy the bloody thing. The issues (Alan Moore did #1-16) can't be found, and if you can, they're very expensive. The collected editions are even rarer and more expensive. You gotta download them. But they are so worth it. They are so...
  9. Friday

    The Sandman series discussion thread (Spoilers!)

    I bought the first Sandman hardcover today. On a whim really. I only had one title on my pull list, plus Wizard, and one TPB came in, so it was time to explore the TPB box. I’ve been on the edge of picking up The Sandman in trade for a while now, holding off for 2 reasons. If I bought it I’d...