1. ProjectX2

    San Diego Comic Con News

    First big news: Mark Waid, Paul Cornell, and Chris Roberson are writing the titles in Stan Lee's new superhero imprint.
  2. Zombipanda

    FOX News

    I haven't gotten to sleep tonight. Why? This is why. It's a bizarre mix of the lamest things ever. Glenn Beck twitters away, generally acting like a *****, rolling out his schtick like he's performing a guest spot on Law and Order, and cries. Yeah. Cries. At least three times. It's so over...
  3. nigma

    The Weird News thread

    instead of making a new thread every time i find a cool or werid news story...i'll just post them in here....and please feel free to share, even i miss some things... and too start off...we'll start off with my 2nd fav. topic...its sorta tied for 1st....but its behind least those...