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Feb 7, 2005
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instead of making a new thread every time i find a cool or werid news story...i'll just post them in here....and please feel free to share, even i miss some things...

and too start off...we'll start off with my 2nd fav. topic...its sorta tied for 1st....but its behind least those problems i can fix....unlike girls.....

Girls overtake boys as binge drinkers: study

LONDON (Reuters) - Teenage girls in the UK have overtaken boys as binge drinkers for the first time and are now second only behind Irish girls in Europe, according to a report on Thursday.

The Institute of Alcohol Studies said 29 percent of teenage girls were binge drinkers in 2003 compared with 26 percent of boys. In 1999 the figure was 27 percent and 33 percent respectively.

It said over a quarter of all 15- and 16-year-olds in Britain had been on drink binges three or more times in the last month.

In contrast France, where it is not unusual for children to be given watered-down wine with meals as a way of introducing them to alcohol, had very low binge-drinking levels among adolescents.

The study, funded by the
European Commission, found only 9 percent of French youngsters were classed as binge drinkers.

Among adults, Britons rank among the top binge drinkers in Europe, causing widespread damage to the nation's health and social fabric.

The study said British drinkers binge about once every 13 days - 28 days a year - the second-highest rate in Europe behind Finland and Ireland, both on 32 times.

The social cost of alcohol across Europe was estimated to be 125 billion euros (86 billion pounds) from healthcare, crime and work issues.

The study authors said the damage could be limited by increasing alcohol taxation, tightening advertising rules and making labeling on the dangers of alcohol misuse more clear.

"If alcohol taxes were used to raise the price of alcohol in the EU by 10 percent, over 9,000 deaths would be prevented in the following year," according to the study. Alcohol is the third biggest public health problem in Europe after tobacco and high blood pressure.

the whole story
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Re: Nigmas Crazy News Stories...that are TRUE!!

this is just cool

three armed Baby:
SHANGHAI, China - Doctors in Shanghai are considering surgery options for a two-month old boy born with an unusually well-formed third arm.

Neither of the boy's two left arms is fully functional and tests have so far been unable to determine which was more developed, said Dr. Chen Bochang, head of the orthopedics department at Shanghai Children's Medical Center.

"His case is quite peculiar. We have no record of any child with such a complete third arm," Chen said in a telephone interview. "It's quite difficult to decide how to do the operation on him."

The boy, identified only as "Jie-jie," also was born with just one kidney and may have problems that could lead to curvature of the spine, according to local media reports.

Jie-jie cried when either of his left arms was touched, but smiled and responded normally to other stimuli, the reports said
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my state of washington(west coast) (not DC, East Coast) has now become the dumbest state EVER!!!!!! why?

Online Gambling Becomes Felony

SEATTLE -- Starting June 7, it will be a Class C felony to play poker online in the state of Washington. Players will face a possible five-year sentence and/or a $10,000 fine.

Gov. Christine Gregoire signed the bill into law in late March. The bill covers all forms of online wagering, including poker.

The new law will put violators in the same category as child pornographers, repeat drunken drivers, drug dealers and identity thieves.

One local player told KIRO 7 he has an internet poker cash card, tied to a Swiss bank account. He can use it to withdraw his winnings $1,000 at a time at any ATM. He said it is not tracible.

"For them to catch me would be pretty tricky," said Rick, an Internet gambler. "I mean I'm not gonna obviously do it from my home IP address."

Local casinos believe the new law will bring more players into their clubs, because many won't risk getting caught online.

the link

cuz now if i were to gamble on line, its a Class C felony. i'd be up there with Pedo's, ID thrives and dope dealers....
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Re: Nigmas Crazy News Stories...that are TRUE!!

Man thats pretty harsh to classify gamblers with child pornography watchers.:?
Re: Nigmas Crazy News Stories...that are TRUE!!

Iceshadow said:
Man thats pretty harsh to classify gamblers with child pornography watchers.:?

and i like playing games online like....Texas hold' helps pass the time..
Re: Nigmas Crazy News Stories...that are TRUE!!

Texas Hold'Em will suck your money away so fast... I'm more of a blackjack man myself.

That being said a friend of a friend made up in the thousands of dollars with online hold'em.
Re: Nigmas Crazy News Stories...that are TRUE!!

Iceshadow said:
Texas Hold'Em will suck your money away so fast... I'm more of a blackjack man myself.

That being said a friend of a friend made up in the thousands of dollars with online hold'em.
Now you know where all your money was being sucked to.
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i normally just play Poker Stars free version with fake money....if i wanted to play the with real money...theres always the option..
Re: Nigmas Crazy News Stories...that are TRUE!!

Detox clinic opening for video addicts

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - An addiction center is opening Europe's first detox clinic for game addicts, offering in-house treatment for people who can't leave their joysticks alone.

Video games may look innocent, but they can be as addictive as gambling or drugs — and just as hard to kick, says Keith Bakker, director of Amsterdam-based Smith & Jones Addiction Consultants.

Bakker already has treated 20 video game addicts, aged 13 to 30, since January. Some show withdrawal symptoms, such as shaking and sweating, when they look at a computer.

His detox program begins in July. It will run four to eight weeks, including discussions with therapists and efforts to build patients' interests in alternative activities.

"We have kids who don't know how to communicate with people face-to-face because they've spent the last three years talking to somebody in Korea through a computer," Bakker said. "Their social network has completely disappeared."

It can start with a Game Boy, perhaps given by parents hoping to keep their children occupied but away from the television. From there it can progress to multilevel games that aren't made to be won.

Bakker said he has seen signs of addiction in children as young as 8.

Hyke van der Heijden, 28, a graduate of the Amsterdam program, started playing video games 20 years ago. By the time he was in college he was gaming about 14 hours a day and using drugs to play longer.

"For me, one joint would never be enough, or five minutes of gaming would never be enough," he said. "I would just keep going until I crashed out."

the link

i wonder when they'll put one in the US? most likly after they put one in china/japan....
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I know a twelve year old who needs this. When his mother pulls the plug on his video games he curls up in a ball on the floor and sobs for hours.
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Save Screech's House!!!!

Sat Jun 17, 9:15 AM ET

More than a bell is needed to save Dustin Diamond this time around. Diamond, best known as geeky Screech Powers on the 1989-1993 teen comedy series "Saved by the Bell," is selling T-shirts with his photo on them to try to raise $250,000 so he doesn't lose his gray two-story house under a foreclosure order.

"If the public didn't care, I as an entertainer wouldn't have been a success," he said.

Diamond, 29, is trying to sell nearly 30,000 shirts at $15 or $20 (autographed) each to supplement the income he makes as a standup comic so he doesn't have to move from his Port Washington home, about 25 miles north of Milwaukee.

The T-shirt has a photo of Diamond holding a sign that says, "Save My House." The back of the shirt reads, "I paid $15.00 to save Screeech's house." The third "e" was added to get around copyright laws, he said.

He's selling the shirts on his Web site:

The foreclosure order was filed last month in Ozaukee County Circuit Court.

Diamond appeared on Howard Stern's satellite radio show Tuesday to plead his case. "I'm doing great with my comedy, but this is definitely a low point," he said. "Real life comes in and affects you."

Diamond doesn't have a listed phone number, and e-mails to the address on his Web site and at an alternative address were not immediately returned Thursday.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Nigmas Crazy News Stories...that are TRUE!!

He was on Howard Stern pimping this. It was almost mildly funny, but much more pathetic than anything.

He got himself a gig opening up for Artie Lange in Pittsburgh for a few thousand, so that should help I guess.
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if you didn't already know, the state shut down atlantic city cuz they couldn't pay there emploies.
TLANTIC CITY (AP) — After three slotless nights at Resorts Atlantic City, Lucille Mock was packing her bags to head home Saturday morning when she heard the news: the casinos had reopened!

"I lost $75 in the first 15 minutes, but that's OK," said Mock, 49, of New York City's Brooklyn borough.

New Jersey's 12 casino-hotels, closed since Wednesday because of the state's budget impasse, rumbled back to life hours after lawmakers finished a $30 billion budget during an all-night session in Trenton.

Gov. Jon S. Corzine on Saturday morning signed an executive order that ended the weeklong state government shutdown, clearing the way for lottery ticket sales to resume, state parks to reopen and casinos to get back in the game. He was expected to sign the budget into law later in the day.

The shutdown furloughed 45,000 state workers, including the state casino inspectors who by law must be present in New Jersey's 24-hour casinos. That forced the gambling halls to close, idling about 36,000 casino employees.

"We're back in business," said Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa pit manager Bob Westerfield, unlocking a chip tray on a $100 minimum blackjack table.

The casinos, which had never been ordered closed in 28 years of legalized gambling in Atlantic City, got the go-ahead to resume operations at 7 a.m., little more than an hour after legislators passed the budget.

Like rebooted computers, they took a while to get up and running.

Most didn't start taking bets until 7:30 a.m., as slot machine systems powered up, dealers straggled back to work and gamblers filtered in.

"It was devastating for us to be closed for the time we were closed," said Joseph A. Corbo, Jr., president of the Casino Association of New Jersey. "It's not a good thing for a tourism-based business to tell people they can't do what they're here for."

The closings hit the state treasury hard, cutting off the $1.3 million a day in tax revenues casinos pay to the state.

Restaurants, Boardwalk stores and other small businesses also saw profits dwindle when the casinos went dark.

"It's been slow," said Mohammed Wazi Ullah, pushing his "rolling chair" rickshaw down the Boardwalk on Saturday morning. "No business. Maybe it will be better now."

The budget crisis began when Democrats who control the state Assembly balked at the Democratic governor's proposal to increase the sales tax.

The resulting impasse caused the Legislature to miss the July 1 deadline for passing a new budget. With no authority to spend money, Corzine ordered non-essential government services suspended.

Under the budget compromise approved Saturday, Corzine and Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts Jr. agreed to increase the sales tax from 6% to 7%, but set aside half the new money to help cut property taxes. Corzine had wanted all of the $1.1 billion from the sales tax increase to go toward helping close a $4.5 billion budget deficit.

"With the budget crisis finally behind us, it is imperative that we move quickly to address the No. 1 concern of residents: New Jersey's highest-in-the-nation property taxes," said Roberts.

The sales tax increase will cost the average New Jersey family $275 per year, according to fiscal experts.
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when you gaug your ear, does it close back up from that huge size
Texas school district bans grillz

ARLINGTON, Texas - The school district here has expanded its dress codes to include mouths — and earlobes.

students may no longer wear mouth jewelry known as "grillz" — shiny teeth caps — or the earlobe-stretching practice known as "gauging."

"The district is having to respond to fads because they've become distracters or a safety hazard for those around them," said Malcolm Turner, the district's executive director of student services.

The nearby Irving, Grand Prairie and DeSoto districts also ban grillz, and some also address gauging — the process of placing increasingly large items in the ears to stretch the lobes.

But students said the body modification is simply self-expression.

"Really, a grill is just like an earring. It's fashion," said junior Devonte Wright, 16.

But school officials said they hoped to teach students that life would require them to follow specific regulations in specific settings.

"We want to instill in them a sense of modesty and a sense of community," said school board trustee Gloria Pena. "We're preparing them for the work force, and in the work force there are rules."
starting today, i will be bringing you all a weird news story of the day, today's story brings us to the far off land of switzerland.

the title-

85 Year Old Woman Left Inside Vault at Swiss Bank!

The Bondage File said:
(08-09) 13:31 PDT ZURICH, Switzerland (AP) --

An 85-year-old woman was found in the vault of a Swiss bank when she set off motion detectors hours after the bank was already closed, according to a statement released Wednesday.

Employees at the Zuercher Kantonalbank apparently forgot about the woman.

The director of the bank's safe allowed the woman into the vault on Monday before closing it punctually at 4:30 p.m. local time — with the woman still deep in study of her documents, ZKB said.

She remained so still that she initially failed to activate either the motion detector or the attached camera, the bank said in confirming a report that appeared in the Zurich-based daily "Tages-Anzeiger."

She was freed from the room four hours after the vault was closed.

The bank gave the woman a bouquet of flowers for suffering from the ordeal and said it would decide on further nonfinancial compensation.

Re: Lithium's Weird News of the Day

What else are they going to get her thats not financial. A pen, key chain?
Re: Lithium's Weird News of the Day

E said:
It's a competition now. You guys have to try and out-weird each other.

I'll win.

day 2-

Hilary Clinton Bust Unveiled in Sex Museum!

CNews said:
NEW YORK (AP) - It's a bust of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton - in more ways than one.

Cast in resin and bearing ample cleavage, a bust of the New York Democrat was unveiled this week at the Museum of Sex in Manhattan.

Calling his creation The Presidential Bust of Hillary Rodham Clinton: The First Woman President of the United States, artist Daniel Edwards said he wanted to depict the 58-year-old Clinton "with her head held high, a youthful spirit and a face matured by wisdom."

Indeed, while the former first lady's face is shown with a few wrinkles, Edwards cast her in a low-cut floral dress that reveals her shoulders and chest.

"Her cleavage is on display, prominently portraying sexual power which some people still consider too threatening," Edwards said.

Edwards has a knack for creating pieces that attract publicity - his last work, unveiled at a gallery in Brooklyn, depicted Britney Spears on her knees giving birth on a bearskin rug.

Clinton is widely thought to be considering a presidential run in 2008 but has not declared her plans. She has not commented on the bust, her office said Friday.

And heres a pic-

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