1. Victor Von Doom

    Dreamcasting 2009, Round 3: Preacher

    This round is moderated by Doom, winner of the last round which was "Fantastic Four". PREACHERA HBO Series You MUST cast: Jesse Custer Tulip O'Hare Cassidy Herr Starr Saint of Killers Arseface You may also cast 2 more additional characters. No more. 10 days folks...
  2. Zombipanda

    Preacher (HBO)

    So, everyone knows what's up with this, right? Mark Steven Johnson's writing, and the idea was that each episode was going to be an issue from the series. But check this out: Awesome!
  3. JonnyFreeze

    Preacher coming to HBO

    Preacher Series ok its been discussed on here before but i couldnt find a topic for it and this deijnitely deserves its own because if done right it will rock so hard Mark Steven Johnson (upcoming Ghost Rider, Daredevil) is writing the pilot, while Howard Deutch is attached to direct. Johnson...
  4. G


    DC Vertigo's finest in my opinion, and easily one of the best comics ever created. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon are absolutely great on this, seriously, adn Glenn provides some awesome covers. This is a must buy for everyone, and if you havn't read this already then you need to buy the Trade...
  5. Friday

    First issue of Preacher free on-line

    Well folks, in hoping that some of you will check this out I'm linking up the first issue of Preacher (Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion), one of my favotire Vertigo series dispite the fact that I'm never going to read the end. DC has uploaded it to thier website, and if you like it I urge you to...