Dreamcasting 2009, Round 3: Preacher

Who's Dreamcast is the best?

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Victor Von Doom

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Oct 19, 2005
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This round is moderated by Doom, winner of the last round which was "Fantastic Four".

These are the rules of Dreamcasting 2009, they may not be broken, altered or changed in any way shape or form. Seriously:

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the next round, and is free to choose any property to be cast, whether it is based from comics, videogames, books, cartoons or real world figures.

2) When the moderator chooses a property, he or she may specify a medium (TV, film, cartoon) and a cast of at least 4 characters and a maximum of 9. Should he or she fail to specify a medium, then it is open game what medium participants want to play with.

3) Actors may not reprise their parts at all. Those who have played a character on film or TV may not play the character on voice and vice versa. Simply put, Kevin Conroy cannot put on a Batsuit and Christian Bale is not allowed to voices in your fantasy Batman CG adventure.

4) If you would like to cast an additional character, you must swap one out for another. However, the moderator has the option of leaving blank spots deliberately, with a maximum of 9. For example, he or she may declare, "Fantastic Four, and at least two bad guys and a Fantastic Friend (i.e. She-Hulk, Power Man)

5) Each round lasts ten days from the point the moderator posts it, and voting lasts for at least a day and any time past that needed to secure a victory.

6) And a final reminder: This is Dreamcasting, not DreamMovie. There are no story pitches. You can describe the character, talk about the kind of arc perhaps he goes through or what nuance he brings to the character or what kind of incarnation he's playing, but you can't write a freaking trilogy. No exceptions. Emphasize casting decisions and why you chose an actor.

A HBO Series​

You MUST cast:

Jesse Custer
Tulip O'Hare
Herr Starr
Saint of Killers

You may also cast 2 more additional characters. No more.

10 days folks. Do Garth Ennis proud.
I don't know all the players I'm going to cast just yet, but I know exactly what approach I'm going to take, which is to basically let many actors play against type. So far I've got Tulip and Cassidy done and ready.
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Ok, I've not realy read the comics BUT I wanted to at least try and do it. So here is my cast.

Jesse Custer – Thomas Jane – After reading through the descriptions I couldn't think of anyone else for the role but Thomas Jane. Not because he was punisher either but just because I think the actor fits well with the descriptions I read

Tulip O'Hare – Lena Headey – Now this was based on a few things. First the descriptions of her I thought of Sarah Connor from Sarah Connor Chronicles. Second is due to what the character has been through she would look older than she was. I think this choice may not be everyone's but I think it fits.

Cassidy – Stuart Townsend – While not been 100% true to the character I read it and thought how I personally would make it work on a movie. I really liked his Lestat even if queen of the damned was not that good. I instantly thought of that portrayal been how I'd do this Vampire. Plus he is irish.

Herr Starr – Thomas Kretschmann – I was going over this choice as it was hardest to cast and honestly I thought of Thomas Kretschmann in wanted and thought I'd look then noticed he was actually german and thought it fitted.

Saint of Killers – Mickey Rourke – The tough older guy. I think Mickey Rourke would be pretty a good choice for this role and would bring something out in the character others wouldn't wich was important in casting him.

Arseface – Nicholas Hoult – I suck at casting people this age even more so when I've not read it. However from reading description and seeing Nicholas Hoult act I know he can pull the role off, At least I think so.
I am so on this casting... Haven't been this pumped for one in a looong time.

Am I allowed to replace one of the characters on the mandatory List? I just don't think that Arseface would actually work in a Preacher movie... Or that he'd be anything more than a weird distraction that had nothing to do with the plot.
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Remember that you're casting an HBO series, not a movie.
Remember that you're casting an HBO series, not a movie.

Hrm... Didn't catch that... I'll scale back on the big-namers as secondary cast... But HBO can definitely wrangle a few stars into the television world for some serious hardcore acting.
Preacher: The Series


Jesse Custer – Josh Holloway
The second this clicked in my mind I couldn't stop seeing it. Holloway I feel has the biggest star talent that will shine outside of Lost, and I can't wait to see him use it… Jesse might seem like a similar character to sawyer, but it would get to show off more of his harder moments than his slick side. I think Holloway is perfect for the part.


Tulip O'Hare – Naomi Watts
I didn't want to pick anyone who plays the more stereotypical bad-*** girl, because Tulip was absolutely a bit of a damsel in distress until she proved herself capable of being so much more. Watts is a terrific, and criminally underused actress. I think she'd be fantastic in this role.


Cassidy – Colin Farrell
The Irish Charismatic ******* is completely embodied by Colin Farrell. I don't even know why it took me as long as it did to think up of. I also think he'd work brilliantly off of Holloway. And still manage to take charge of the dramatic moments that define his character. Just picture him in the sunglasses… Who could fit Cassidy more?


Herr Starr – Ralph Fiennes
Nobody does Evil like Ralph Fiennes does, and it just so happens he's pulled off the German accent before, back when he was in Schindler's List. He's taken to smaller roles in recent years, despite his portrayal of Voldemort… But there just wasn't anyone else I could think of who could accomplish the cold fury and precision of Herr Starr. He's done humor as well, those who've seen In Bruges can attest to that, so he'd also manage well in the less dignified scenes.


The Saint of Killers – Michael Hogan
I was going to go with Rourke, because it's great casting, but after seeing how Rourke almost didn't agree to do Iron Man 2 due to money issues, I don't think he would agree to do an HBO series, unfortunately. Hogan, however has proved that his presence is hard as nails, despite his age, and he has an intensity that cannot be stopped. This is a man perfect to put a bullet in God's head.


Arseface – Matt Prokop
The embodiment of Young America... In all seriousness, it doesn't matter who they'd cast here, aside from the one episode that would deal with the flashback. So we need a character who could play a completely emo teenager, as well as the eager puppy he becomes after shooting himself in the head. I figure the best person to choose would be a person right out of the Disney Channel Academy for Teen Idols... Matt Prokop was the obnoxious hanger-on character in HSM3, and has the emo-kid look down.


Jody – Ray Stevenson
Stevenson played a bit of a comedic relief in Rome. But he was also violent, and deadly loyal. Punisher, whether you liked or hated it, showed he has the hard edge he'd need in this role.


T.C. – Garret Dillahunt
Fans of Deadwood should know why he fits the scoundrel T.C… Dillahunt is great at playing dopey yet dangerous characters, and I think he'd work well off of Stevenson's Jody.
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Oh I don't think I'll be doing this one, I've never read Preacher and from the rave reviews I've heard I'd rather not attempt to oversimplify it by doing a cast. DSF's did look quite intriging though. Good luck on this one guys.
Doc, love your cast. Naomi Watts is a personal favorite of mine. I would have been skeptical of Farrell as Cassidy if I hadn't just seen In Bruges, but after that, he really does seem perfect. Completely off topic, I think he'd be a pretty slick Lord Byron too. I'm not 100% on Holloway, but at the same time, I don't think I'd be 100% with anyone. Jesse Custer may be the strongest, most touchingly human lead of any comic book. What can I say? I love the guy... But I guess Holloway makes sense. I think a lot of film actors wouldn't be able to pull off the role. Holloway would be used to the grind that would be needed to star in practically every scene for season after season of a series. Naomi Watts seems like a similarly committed actress.

Sorry, mole. I'm not really digging your cast, but I don't think it's your fault. You usually surprise me with really spot-on characterization, but I think having not read the book is just too high a hurdle to overcome. I do think it's funny that everyone's first reflex for Saint of Killers is Mickey Rourke. That's the first well I drew from too.

I try to avoid Dreamcasts, but I may just do this one. I love Preacher too much, despite its end game faults.

Ultimate Houde said:
I just started reading Preacher.

That's all I have to add at the moment.

Lucky you. You'll love it.
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Oh.... by the way, Doc, mole. You're WELCOME for your respective Saints of Killers.

I always feel so hurt when my casting choices have been picked before I could post them.

DSF stole my Jesse. The pain....it hurts so much.

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