prince of persia

  1. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Prince of Persia: Sand of Time Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Anyone else seen this? I have. To quote a friend "I wish I had that time rewinding dagger. That way I can go back two hours and stop us making a big mistake."
  2. Goodwill

    Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands

    To correspond with the movie, there'll be another PoP game. For this iteration, Ubisoft decided to leave the 2008 prince behind and use the original character from the Sands of Time. Personally, I think this is an awesome move, as I did not find the newest Prince of Persia to be that...
  3. Goodwill

    Prince of Persia

    A friend told me that they were rebooting the series yesterday, so I checked it out just this morning. Check out concept art videos at as well as a teaser trailer. The game is taking on a new detailed cell-shaded look. Actually impressed by it. Anyway...