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Jun 16, 2004
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A friend told me that they were rebooting the series yesterday, so I checked it out just this morning.

Check out concept art videos at as well as a teaser trailer.

The game is taking on a new detailed cell-shaded look. Actually impressed by it.

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you all think.
That looks great dude. I liked the story and gameplay of the other ones but never actually bought any of them, This one I may get as I wanted to get the others but after other games came out the time I was going to get 1 , 2 was out and so on. But since this is new start I will most likely get it.
Yea, the other ones were pretty awesome games. A little too much gore with the second, but they did well with cleaning that up in third, I think.

This game looks real different from the Sands of Time trilogy... I'll be interested to see where it goes.
I gave up after the 2nd one in the new trilogy. I just couldn't stand the trash rock and the new 'bad-***' Prince.
Prince Of Persia Series

This can be the general thread for the series and news for the upcoming new game.

The adventure begins with a new Prince of Persia, a wanderer, a vagabond, returning home from an adventure on a donkey laden with treasure, which he earned on his previous venture. He desires to spend his treasure on many luxuries, including women and liquor. But suddenly, he is caught in a fierce sandstorm. When the sandstorm subsides, he finds himself in a mythical garden of beauty, dominated at its center by a massive Tree of Life. The Prince and a girl, Elika, find each other, and, in the same predicament, decide to help each other. Together, they venture to the center of this grand oasis. When they arrive at the center, they witness the destruction of the tree, and the liberation of Ahriman, the ancient god of darkness. After being set free, Ahriman starts corrupting the lands with darkness and evil. The Prince, with the aid of Elika and her new found powers, take up arms against Ahriman's corruption, in an attempt to drive it back and cleanse the world.

Watch some of the most beautiful graphics I ever seen...

Gameplay <--You must watch this one.

Debut Trailer

Better Trailer

I am so excited for this. I only have the Sands Of Time game that I have had for 2 years and barely played. Mostly due to losing it for most of the time, than I found it and it was the same time I got my PS3 so I had like 3 PS3 games I played instead. I want to play the whole trilogy before this one.
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Re: Prince Of Persia Series

I have not played any of the series games, but this ones looks too damn good to pass up.
Re: Prince Of Persia Series

I watched the gameplay video. It was gorgeous. Those are the best graphics I've seen since Myst.

The AI companion, Elika, was great. She jumps in, attacks competently, and then jumps back out of the way. Also, you can do totally awesome flips with her help. Plus? It's physically possible for a real live woman to wear her outfit. In public, even.

When I played the first Prince of Persia game, I was surprised that you couldn't die. But thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. You can't die in any game, you just start over at the save point.This game's method is the same, it just doesn't force you to redo the boring parts.

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My excitement for this game knows no bounds. Sands of Time was a phenomenal game. This is definitely my most anticipated title of the year. I am actually counting down the days, and that hasn't happened since Warcraft III.
My recommedation is to NOT play those games. They are different animals from Sands of Time. I have a feeling that, with this game, they're going to take it back to the cleanliness and all that from SoT.
My recommedation is to NOT play those games. They are different animals from Sands of Time. I have a feeling that, with this game, they're going to take it back to the cleanliness and all that from SoT.

Hrm...I am in the mood to play Sands of Time!

I know! Let's all play it together!

Starting...oh, say, tomorrow?
I have already started. I have just passed the rotating bridges where the Prince and Farah need to cooperate in order for them to get to the lower levels.
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