rob liefeld

  1. Ice

    Rob Liefeld quits DC.

    ‘The 0′s are my last issues’ " “This is the 4th time I quit in the last 4 months. This time it will stick.”"
  2. E

    Rob Liefeld Calls at Least 25 Creators Marvel D-List

    This is pretty much the greatest story ever. And he thinks Jeph Loeb is something other than D-list?
  3. ProjectX2

    TCB's Worst Comic Art Ever

    E and I were talking about terrible art on Twitter recently and came up with a good idea for a thread: The Comic Board’s Worst Comic Art Ever. We’ve all been exposed to bad art in many of the comics we’ve read so why not collect it and mock the **** out of it? Here are just four of the best...
  4. T

    Rob Liefeld on Alan Moore

    Rob Liefeld *****es about Moore. Not sure if this had been posted before, but in any case I thought it was interesting. Generic Link
  5. E

    I've changed my mind about Stuart Immonen... I think he's great and I really like his style. At first I thought it was just because I really like Nextwave, but I realized that I like his Ultimate X-Men stuff now too. Except for when he made Wolverine look like Michael Jackson, but I can excuse that.