robert kirkman

  1. Ice

    Robert Kirkman Mission Statement: Fix Comic Industry

    Video Editorial: Robert Kirkman I came back from San Diego supercharged with excitement for comics and so I made this video. It's a little ramble filled in places and I want to thank the fine folks at CBR for cleaning it up as much as they did. Just for clarity's sake I'd like to simplify...
  2. Ninja4peace

    Kirkman is now partner at Image

    Matt Fraction twittered this: Robert kirkman is now a partner at image. Kirkman was marvel exclusive apart from Walking dead and Invincible....then he started that wolfman series....anyway the contract finished...
  3. Ice

    McFarlane & Kirkman!

    They really are working on something after all. From Lying in the Gutters: KIRKMANIA "I understand a Todd McFarlane/Robert Kirkman project will be announced at the Todd McFarlane panel at SDCC."
  4. nigma

    The Walking Dead (Image) [SPOILERS]

    from some of the comments that i've heard, a few people do pick up the comic The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. so far up to issue 21 the story begins with police officer Rick Grimes, who wakes from a long coma to find his hospital bereft of staff or patients, and littered with the living...
  5. Fuzzy Birds


    I've always heard about this comic, but have never really shown much interest in it, until today when I stumbled onto the first issue online. A really light hearted read, with amazing artwork, very reminiscent of Stuart Immonen, one of my favourites. So, I'm strongly considering picking up the...