1. Cheimison

    Damian Gets Worse

    First of all, I read Morrison's entire run, lots of the graphic novels and a bunch of New 52 comics with Damian. I say this because the exact comics people tell me to read about him are exactly why I don't like him. Like all semi-popular characters he's stuck in a loop of zero character...
  2. ProjectX2

    Favourite Bat Family Incarnations?

    I thought this would be a neat poll. Basically, it's three polls in one. Vote for your favourite Batman, your favourite Robin and your favourite Batgirl. Bruce Wayne - Batman Jean-Paul Valley - former Azrael turned psychotic Batman Dick Grayson - former Robin then Nightwing and now Batman Dick...
  3. ProjectX2

    Batman and Robin (Morrison/various) discussion

    Batman and Robin #1 - hell yes. Great start. I especially loved the sound effects and the trailer at the end. Hopefully all the Batman books will be off to a good start.
  4. thee great one

    Batman R.I.P. Discussion (Spoilers!)

    Batman R.I.P. has started. It was not a bad beginning, the last few pages with The Joker made the entire issue. The Black Glove invited him to there party. Scary.
  5. Bass

    All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder series discussion (spoilers)

    No thread for this yet. Odd. Anyhow, I thought it was pretty nice. I like the way the GCPD is so horrendously corrupt. Kinda feels like it's just "Batman Begins 2: Robin Begins", but it's all right. Nothing amazing, but enjoyable none the less.
  6. René

    All Star Batman and Robin

    Well almost a month away. Here is a colored version of the cover. So who's going to pick this up? All-Star Batman