sean phillips

  1. Friday

    Fatale - Brubaker, Phillips - Image - Spoilers

    So I know E is looking into it, and we all know I bought it. Anyone else get it? What've we got in the first issue? An writer, his reporter/writer "uncle", an apparently unaging woman named Josephine, a group of identical, unaging men that look like buffer versions of the BTAS Clock King, and...
  2. ProjectX2


    What happens when Brubaker and Phillips take a break from Criminal? INCOGNITO. Sleeper meets Criminal. This is going to be great.
  3. Friday

    Sleeper Movie News

    Tom Cruise as Holden Carver? I don't like it. I don't think he has the build or the edge for it. But no matter who they get to play Carver it'll come down to the casting for Tao to make or break the film. And for those of you that never read it. For shame. Wiki. Information to be found HERE
  4. Friday

    Criminal (Brubaker) - series discussion (spoilers)

    Brubaker/Phillips Criminal IS starting to get ramped up. We've got a 5-page trailer HERE. No, its not a traditional preview, but 5 original ages just for setup. I'm stoked. Bru and Phillips did a hell of a job on Sleeper, and this looks like a grittier, unpowered story in that vien. Anyone...
  5. Ice

    Spider-Man Tom Beland & Sean Phillips write Spidey Unlimited.

    From Millarworld, Beland writes: Hey everyone. Marvel Comics asked me to write a Spidey book back in January. After I came out of my shock-induced coma, I tried to figure out how you write a story about a character I've been reading since I was a kid in the late 60's/early 70's. So, I...