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Sep 6, 2004
Washington, PA
Tom Cruise as Holden Carver? I don't like it. I don't think he has the build or the edge for it. But no matter who they get to play Carver it'll come down to the casting for Tao to make or break the film.

And for those of you that never read it. For shame. Wiki.

Information to be found HERE
I third the cruise assessment. That said, This is a great comic, which I will definitely have to reread.
I can kind of see Cruise in the role. He already played covert operative Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible though (it'll be too much like Ethan Hunt to general audiences).

Then again, any role that you see Tom Cruise's Tom Cruise. He wasn't playing Ethan Hunt, he was playing Tom Cruise. If you catch my drift.
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Honestly, I could see Cruise as TAO before I can see him as Holden. It just doesn't fit.
Since i doubt enough people have read this to warrant a Dreamcasting, who else do people think would fit as these characters?

I wish she hadn't been in Wanted, because Angelina Jolie would be perfect for Miss Misery, and probably wouldn't do it now, since the role is so similar.

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