squadron supreme

  1. Mattimeo84

    Ultimate TPB Thread (Take Two)

    Squadron Supreme Squadron Supreme: Death Of A Universe Supreme Power – Nighthawk Doctor Spectrum – Full Spectrum Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra Vol. 1 Ultimate Elektra - Devil's Due Supreme Power Vol. 1 – Contact Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 1 - The Fantastic Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 2 - Doom...
  2. the watcher

    Squadron Supreme 2 series discussion (spoilers).

    “POWER TO THE PEOPLE” PART 1 (OF 6): Four for the Future They were gods walking the Earth... powerful but flawed, they dreamed of remaking the world in their image. After their apocalyptic battle with Redstone, and after their terrifying fight with the Ultimate Universe, that dream has become...
  3. Dancanread

    Squadron Supreme discussion (Chaykin / Turini)

    FINALLY. New Squadron Supreme ongoing announced Written by Howard Chaykin, illustrated by Marco Turini. The series will start over with issue #1, but will address everything from supreme power (eesh), as well as the cliffhanger that JMS left us in the final issue, #7, of the previous...
  4. TheManWithoutFear

    Ultimate Power series discussion [spoilers]

    Uh... Been there, done that. 1/5 They fight the serpent squad. Ben's feelings are hurt. Reed is frustrated he can't cure Ben. Reed asks SHIELD to donate money to explore dimensions via probes. Fury asks if it's about Ben again and tells him the answer is no (makes references to...
  5. E

    Supreme Power renamed "Squadron Supreme"!

    For anyone who missed it (it was a late addition): http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=5989 J. Michael Stracynski and Gary Frank's "Supreme Power" will become "Squadron Supreme" when it moves from the Marvel MAX imprint to Marvel Knights. The new book will get an issue...
  6. ProjectX2

    Supreme Power (and Squadron Supreme)

    Is this book cool? I've read the review and it sounds pretty cool. What is it's rating? Is it recommended? Please tell me any thoughts about this title.