star trek

  1. T

    The Future of Star Trek

    Since we have a "Future of Star Wars" thread, what about a "Future of Star Trek" thread as well? Do you think they make another Star Trek TV series?
  2. T

    Star Trek Reviews

    Has anyone been to this site that reviews Star Trek episodes? It reminds me how much Star Trek Voyager sucked.
  3. ProjectX2

    Star Trek discussion (Spoilers!)

    Here's what Gene [Roddenberry] said in an interview just before he died in August 1991; somebody had asked him, 'What's going to become of Star Trek in the future?' And he said that he hoped that some day some bright young thing would come along and do it again, bigger and better than he had...
  4. SSJmole

    Star Trek : Online

    Trailer : Star Trek Convention Presentation Nice. I won't be getting this as it's pc only but it looks cool and Star trek mmo? How can that not be cool.
  5. G

    Star Trek General Discussion Thread

    I started this thread because the reasonably dead "J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Movie" thread was basically turning into this. Discuss your favourite series, why you like it, why you don't like it, what you hope will be featured in future incarnations, etc. Star Trek Related Thoughts: - I...
  6. ourchair

    Spock vs. McCoy

    Who is the most awesomest between Spock and McCoy of Star Trek: The Original Series? Do you side with Spock and his unflappable sense of logic and alien sex appeal? Or do you root for Dr. Leonard McCoy and his curmudgeonly sense of contrarianism? I'm with McCoy all the way. He's a...
  7. SSJmole

    Trek Talk

    Re: Batman Begins (Movie spoilers). Resistance is futile Bass = Borg think of it B _ _ _ fill in the blanks and you have bass or borg :shock: