terry dodson

  1. ProjectX2

    Uncanny X-Men series discussion (Spoilers!)

    The latest issue of Uncanny was a vast improvement over the dull first arc. We have Colossus encountering some evil person from his past, Emma taking a trip through Scott's mind and encountering his mysterious black box, and Beast and Angel meeting up with Mr. Nemesis, the supposedly co-creator...
  2. Ice

    Young X-Men (Discussion/Spoilers)

    So the series starts out with Donald Pierce fighting the new set of X-Men. After someone dies, turns out it's a dream- a dream by Blindfold. The precog created by Whedon from Astonishing X-Men (first appeared in the 'Hellfire' arc). So it's not really just a dream, but a vision of the future...
  3. Ice

    Spider-Man Stan Lee to write intro in MK: Spider-Man HC.

    Millar posted himself that Stan Lee is going to write the Introduction in the Marvel Knights: Spider-Man Hardcover (Collects issues #1-12, Millar's run). Millar, in a joking manner though serious, is going to have his brother, Bobby- to whom the series was dedicated to, to write the afterword.
  4. Caduceus

    Uncanny X-men Thread (spoilers)

    Alright. Someone posted a new batch of full issue previews (whoever it was thanks) that included Phoenix Endsong 2 and a couple of very interesting others. One of those others was Uncanny xmen whatever number it is now. Since I haven't heard anything specific about this issue i was...
  5. E

    Trouble #1-5 (Spoilers)

    Trouble #1-5 The Marvel/Epic five issue miniseries Trouble ended recently, and ideas of how this fits into Marvel continuity are starting to pop up. The more interesting theory is that this is not a Marvel story, but an Ultimate one. For those who are unfamiliar with the series, Trouble was...