ultimate universe

  1. Ice

    Hunger discussion (Fialkov/Kirk) SPOILERS

    BENDIS & FIALKOV GROW ULTIMATE "HUNGER" LIVE! Preview art also shown.
  2. T

    Which New Characters Should be Introduced to the Ultimate Universe?

    Since so many characters have died recently in the Ultimate Universe, what new characters should be brought in to the UU to replace them (or just tell interesting stories with)? Should the writers create new characters or introduce more 616 characters into the UU? Which 616 characters who...
  3. T

    Should deceased characters in the ultimate Universe stay dead?

    Since a lot of characters have died in the Ultimate Universe (some often unceremoniously and abruptly) I thought I would ask if deceased characters should stay dead in the UU? Is there are any circumstances where a character should be brought back or should they stay dead? Also if characters...
  4. T

    Characters in the ultimate Universe we haven't seen in a while

    Since Ultimatum there have been quite a few characters who just kinda disappeared. Besides the X-Men characters who were killed off or appeared in USM recently, it seems like the rest just of them just fell off the face of the Earth. what about Jean Grey, in Ultimatum she lost the 3 most...
  5. Fredrik Martinsson

    The Ultimate End..... for real?