1. T

    Make a better version of Ultimatum

    Ok, just for fun, make a version of Ultimatum that is better then Loeb's (not a hard thing to do, but hey still could be fun.) You have to keep the same basic plot, Magneto using a tidal wave to try to destroy NYC, but besides that, its up to you on how to improve the story.
  2. -beardoms-

    I Just Remembered, Where's Rick Jones?

    Ummmmmmmm Wasn't that final scene in Origins supposed to lead into Ultimatum. Seriously where is he. I honestly don't know how Loeb is going to do this. he has put so much in this story with so little time and place to do it. Ultimatum 5 needs to answer these issues. -Whats going on with...
  3. Bass

    Darth Series Discussion: Ultimatum

    Ah, yes. ULTIMATUM. That bull**** excuse for a crossover. This thread is a DARTH thread, meaning it comes from the Dark Side of fandom. This thread is for yelling, raging, and complaining about Ultimatum. Hate Ultimatum? Join the dark side. Leave the other thread alone. *koo pah*
  4. Ice

    Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimatum (#129-133) (Spoilers/Discussion)

    New arc starts at the end of the month (#129 on sale 12/24), but here's the solicitation for part 4 of the Ultimatum tie-in: Ultimate Spider-Man #132 ULTIMATUM HAS TAKEN OVER THE WORLD!! SPIDER-MAN IS MISSING!! Friends are enemies and enemies are friends as tensions mount to insane...
  5. Sacred&Profane

    Ultimatum series discussion [spoilers]

    First of all, say "Loeb" twenty times really fast. That describes his overall quality. (I do pronounce it 'Lobe") Second: this wasn't as bad as I had expected, but then, I expected Ultimates 3 quality...so even a forced enema is preferable. The art is outstanding. Third: Okay. Those opening...
  6. the watcher

    First Ultimatum cover...

    Source: IGN.com
  7. Fredrik Martinsson

    The Ultimate End..... for real?