I Just Remembered, Where's Rick Jones?


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Feb 25, 2008
Ummmmmmmm Wasn't that final scene in Origins supposed to lead into Ultimatum. Seriously where is he. I honestly don't know how Loeb is going to do this. he has put so much in this story with so little time and place to do it.

Ultimatum 5 needs to answer these issues.
-Whats going on with Fury, Reed, Doom and Zarda.
-Where the Hell Rick Jones is!
-It needs to bring in the watchers some more.
-What the hell is the Jocasta Project?
-What is dooms involvement with 'project ultimatum'

Not to mention loads more!

But seriously now look Ultimate power was a pointless 9 issues long. Ultimatum, although awful, is alot less pointless than Ultimate power. Ultimate Power should have been 5 issues or never existed. Ultimatum should be like 10 issues long and should actually take time to reveal these answers and allow the plot to move on. The story is crammed full of crap. 5 issues is too long.

Here is my idea. Marvel should re-call all issues of Ultimatum then get a decent writer to write a new 10 issue Ultimatum.
Oh I Missed that bit! Still its a bit late in the story. I apologise for my mistake.
It's not a mistake. It's not MENTIONED he's Rick Jones. I just assumed. You're 10000% right. It's ridiculously late for a character to debut, and it doesn't make sense and it's not related ARRRRRGH!
Rick Jones will appear in the epilogue of Ultimatum # 5 with a bunch of Watchers in the background have one line of dialogue and the bottom of the page will say, "To be continued in Ultimates 4!"

just watch, you'll see.
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