warren ellis

  1. ProjectX2


    Does anyone get this? (Wildstorm fans? - ourchair, compound?) I read the first trade while I was in OZ and it looked really good. I extremelly like the character Elijah Snow. It had a good story and I managed to understand all of Ellis' science talk. I am a fan of Ellis' work and am...
  2. ourchair

    Desolation Jones series discussion (spoilers)

    http://jawbreaker.ph/tusok/images/05-desolationjones.jpg It's Friday here in Manila right now, meaning the comics finally arrive, a whole day or so later than you people get it across the Pacific. Anyway, I'm totally psyched for Desolation Jones, Warren Ellis' new creator-owned series under the...
  3. ProjectX2

    The Authority

    I've talked to many people on the site, but I don't think any of them have read it. Has anyone on the site read it? And if so, did they like it?