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  1. Ice

    Moon Knight (Warren Ellis/Declan Shalvey) - Spoilers

    Warren Ellis to pit Moon Knight against ‘weird crime’ in Marvel series Moon Knight may not yet be a marquee Marvel character, but he’s acclaimed writer Warren Ellis’ kind of weird. A mercenary brought back to life by an ancient Egyptian god, the moneyed, gadget-equipped vigilante alter ego...
  2. E

    Marvel To Publish New Line Of "A-List" Original Graphic Novels

    Via Bleeding Cool: This is what the season one books should have been. Most of those have been terrible, and at best they've been unremarkable. And I'd rather see a better artist than Mike McKone on a Warren Ellis book.
  3. Iceshadow

    Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis (Spoilers)

    I read the Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #1. I enjoyed it, the dialogue was funny and the plot is interesting. My only problem is that Storm and Emma have Barbie Doll hips (though the rest of them are ok) and Ellis' criticizing of certain Afirican nations kind of took me out of the story. I...
  4. the watcher

    G.I. Joe: Resolute

    A new animated G.I. Joe movie that will also be a series to appear on Adultswim starting April 17th. See trailer here: http://www.adultswim.com/video/index.html
  5. Ice

    Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes (Discussion/Spoilers).

    Newsarama previews the first issue of the two part mini by Warren Ellis, Adi Granov & Alan Davis. Issue goes on sale on 10/15/08.
  6. Sacred&Profane

    Ultimate Human series discussion [Ellis/Nord] [spoilers]

    I don't know if anyone else picked this up (seeing as how much of the Ultimate Universe is farting around with lackluster to downright horrible stories), but I really enjoyed it. As the previews have shown, Banner and Stark are trying to figure out what makes the Hulk Hulk. So Stark shoves...
  7. Ice

    Astonishing X-Men: Second Stage (Discussion/Spoilers)

    Re: Astonishing X-Men - series discussion (spoilers) Wizard has announced that Ellis' run on Astonishing X-Men: Second Stage (thread now renamed) will begin in July. The cast? The same. So that begs the question: If it's the same, who's not coming back?
  8. Dr.Strangefate


    This is a thread that should already exist... Anyone who hasn't read this series is ****ing Crazy. So pick it up and discuss it here.
  9. Dr.Strangefate

    Doktor Sleepless : Warren Ellis' Next Big Thing

    GO HERE TO READ THE FIRST PAGE OF DOKTOR SLEEPLESS Here's the Dish on the Series From Warren Himself: DOKTOR SLEEPLESS is my new longform science fiction comics novel for grown-ups like what you are. It’s being published by Avatar Press. It will be monthly, and in full colour. It will sell...
  10. thee great one

    Warren Ellis' "Ruins"

    Anybody ever read this. It's basically the exact opposite of "Marvels". The tagline is... "For every kiss, a bullet in the face. For every action, a reaction. For every event, there exists in potential, a mirror event, an exactly opposite possibility. If the world you know is one...
  11. ProjectX2


    Red is a three issue mini series by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner released as part of the Wildstorm Signature imprint. It's about an ex-CIA agent, Paul Moses, who is targeted by agents when the CIA elect a new Director. The new Director sees a mysterious video, which convinces him that Paul...
  12. TheManWithoutFear

    newuniversal Discussion (Spoilers)

    Summary: Men and Women from around the globe start getting powers after a celestial event called the "White Light" occurs on Earth. There's an ancient tomb revealed and a giant robot. The reason I'm not gonna delve into the summary is because that's pretty much it. I'm sure it's going...
  13. Joe Kalicki

    newuniversal (pre-release discussion)

    If this series is really an ultimization of the old New Universe series I'd like to see it connected to the Ultimate multverse in some way. Maybe something really subtle, but something that definately connects it to the UU. I never wanted any crossovers with the UU and other universes...
  14. thee great one

    Ellis' Orbiter.

    This is a great little story from Ellis. It was very creepy and a great mystery. I suggest you check it out. Orbiter.
  15. E

    How is Global Frequency? (no spoilers)

    I have been thinking about picking up Global Frequency by Warren Ellis. Anyone here read it? How is it? I love Planetary, if that means anything.
  16. Ice

    Nextwave series discussion (Spoilers!)

    Ho-ho-hoooolly ****!!! F-IN' AWESOME ISSUE! It was all great. Hilarious. Nextwave is the ****! Art is better than before. Still some things I didn't like about it here and there. This issue has some of the best lines!!! And the letters page! OMG! :lol: :lol: This series will...
  17. ProjectX2

    Warren Ellis Is In This Thread, Rubbing Himself On Your Face

    He's a great writer, and he has a lot of interesting projects out, so many, it's hard to keep track of. Am I missing any? Desoltion Jones Fell Jack Cross Ultimate Extinction Nextwave Down Planetary newuniversal
  18. Nurhachi

    Thunderbolts discussion (spoilers)

    Just for MWOF #1: One Step Forward * Abner Jenkins (MACH IV) announced that he was putting the Thunderbolts back together. He first seeks out his ex girlfriend Melissa Gold (Songbird) and convinces her that he needs her on the team. Shes skeptical, but decides to join at least for a little...
  19. E

    Fell (Ellis/Templesmith) - series discussion [spoilers]

    Anyone pick this up? I subscribe to Ellis's Bad Signal newsletter, so I've received a steady stream of email after email talking about the numbers on this book. It was to the point where I was tired of hearing about it. But I was in my shop yesterday and had a light week, and happened to...
  20. E

    Avengers Invincible Iron Man #1-6 "Extremis" discussion [spoilers]

    I just reread the first 4 issues of this book...anyone else getting this? Lots of complaining about the scheduling, but this is one of the best "superhero" books available right now and the best Iron Man story I've ever read, by far. It's a relaunch; they're updating it for modern times...