30 Days Of Night

So what are your guys' opinions about this movie? Is it true to the comic? My friend saw it last Friday. I didn't even know it was out. I heard it was good. My friend said it was unlike any vampire movie he'd ever seen (which is obvious based on the comic book it's based on).
Watched the dvd of it today. It is ****ing awesome. So glad I picked up the dvd. Also dvd came with a 48-page Graphic Novel , not read the Graphic Novel yet but if it's one of the normal series I'll already have it as it's a great series.

The film it's self is one of the few like this this that I like. By that I mean the vampires are treated like zombies in say the dawn of the dead films. But that survivor horror genre i've not in to. This was diffrent. Great acting , Great plot , Great visuals. All in all this is a kick *** film.

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