616 References in Brian K Vaughan's run (secrets inside!)


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Oct 15, 2005
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Well, not really secrets, more references really. I've only read it up till UXM#58 ("A Hard Lesson") so far (I get my comics, like, every three months sometimes!:wink: ), but I've thoroughly enjoyed the man's work!

Anyways, so I wanted to make a list of all the 616 references i can find so far. I didn't wanna be spoiled, but if anyone wants to add to the list from things that come from #59 and up, I won't mind or get all pissed at you or anything.
The list will include the reference (and probably cameos) in the UU, and then a short explanation of it in relation to the 616.
Anyways, here I go:

Jean-Paul's dad is the Canadian Ambassador - In 616, Jean-Paul is Canadian.

Emma Frost tells Alex that she can't wait to introduce him to some of her other "little hellions" - Emma Frost's students in 616 were called The Hellions.

Jean takes Scott into his own mind where they witness 'Corsair', something Scott made up as a kid after watching Empire Strikes Back (his dad got the video for him) where battles take place between monsters and space pirates - Scott's dad in the 616 is Corsair, a space pirate!

A depressed Ororo goes for a new punk look (still surprised that Dazzler never made a comment about Storm stealing "her look" or something) - Storm changed her look in the 616 to punk/Goth with a mohawk after a night out with Wolverine's friend Yukio (that was really more of Claremont hinting at his favorite topic of lesbianism, but whatever!)!

Essex/Sinister tells Jean-Paul to call him "Mister Sinister" - Essex/Sinister is called Mister Sinister in the 616.

I suppose the four dead mutants could count as cameos if you identify them as (from left to right) Sarah (Marrow), Everett (Synch), Japeth (Maggott) and Irene (Destiny).

Sinister talking to Lord Apocalypse - Apocalypse was the dude who gave Nathaniel Essex his Mister Sinister ID in the 616.

Iceman and the underclassmen are fighting insect-like aliens in the Danger Room - The X-Men fought The Brood, insect-like aliens many times in the 616.

Apocalypse tells Sinister that his mission requires "a fierce horseman" - Apocalypse is known for recruiting his "Four Horseman of the Apocalypse" in the 616.

Roberto DaCosta shows up - He's Sunspot in 616.

Roberto talks about his friend Angelo who was assaulted because of the texture of his skin - In 616, Angelo Espinosa is the mutant aptly-named Skin!

The guy at the tattoo place Wolvie and Storm go to tells them that a guy named Essex is the one they're looking for - Mr Sinister's original name was Nathaniel Essex (not sure if that counts as a reference, but it's the first time his real name is mentioned, so...)

Also not sure if the Apocalypse dummy with the 'A' on his waist counts.

Sinister tells Angel that evolution has always been an obsession of his - Sinister in the 616 is a believer in evolution and he's also a twisted biologist!

Piotr talks about "little Illyana" - Illyana is Colossus' little sister in the 616 (and, in the UU, too!)

Wolfsbane is a mutant act at the carnival freakshow - Wolfsbane's a mutant from 616.

Wolfsbane hangs out back with a midget with a moustache, a six-armed chick, an obese woman and some guy with no nose! - At first look I thought that was supposed to be Ultimate Puck (the little guy) and Spiral (the six-armed chick). Guess it wasn't Spiral, but it could be that sister of hers!

Colossus calls Storm "Windrider" as he catches the ferris wheel - Storm was believed to be a Weather Goddess called Windrider by some Kenyan plain-dwellers she used to live with.

Does Gambit's staff count as a reference? - He has one in the 616 as well.

Gambit had a girlfriend with an eyepatch and black hair - The only X-related girly with black hair and a patch I can think of is Calisto, formerly of The Morlocks.

The guards at Fenris are called "Wolfpack" - Straight up, this is a reference to the Wolfpack from 616, but more underhandedly, this is a reference to the fact that Fenris was a Norse Wolf! Go Vaughan!!!

The Von Struckers own a company called Fenris International - These twins or whatever are/were known as The Fenris Twins in the 616.

Wolvie and Storm share a kiss because of some deep-rooted mutual attraction - Wolvie and Storm have been on some kind of on-and-off relationship and are good friends in the 616 (depends whether Claremont's writing or not, of course!).

Gambit mentions that he had a little problem with...ahem...exploding:wink: which the Fungus, Inc. twins helped him clear up - Gumbo...uh...Gambit in the 616 also had said problem or something like it, which good ol' Sinister helped him sort out!

Stretching things a bit, this whole Iceman-Rogue-Gambit "love triangle" thing is old hat because Bobby was there for Rogue when Gambit neglected her the last time.

Charles and Jean go trotting through the Astral Plane. Jean's wearing her third-grade Halloween costume - Said costume is the one Jean Grey wore as Marvel Girl in the 616 when the X-Men were allowed their first costume redesign!

Another stretch, but Logan calls Gambit "Gumbo" - Logan sometimes calls Gambit "Gumbo" in the 616, though I don't think he's done it in YEARS!

Nothing I could find in this issue. Anyone wanna give it a shot?

Mojo calls the guy hunting Longshot a "nimrod" over the radio. - This one's a real stretch, but could that be a reference to Nimrod, the mutant-hunting Sentinel from the future in 616? I dunno...

Mojo says that it isn't over by a long shot - The kid who is being hunted is, quite obviously, Longshot!

Kitty says she hacked into the overseas subscription site - Kitty in 616 is something of a computer whiz.

The islands where this story is set are Genosha and Krakoa - Genosha is an island run by mutants (formerly Magneto) in 616 and Krakoa is a living mutant island that once kidnapped most of the X-Men (see Giant Size X-Men #1 for what is possibly one of the most important stories in X-History!)!

Longshot is "Arthur Centino" while Mojo is "Mojo Adams" - Neither of these beings go by anything other than Longshot and Mojo in the 616, and if you take the "Arthur" from Longshot, and the "Adams" from Mojo, you get Arthur Adams, who I think actually created both Mojo and Longshot (not sure though) and did do some cool X-Men artwork back in the day.

Mojo's just an albino human with dreadlocks in the UU and NOT a mutant, despite his appearance - Mojo's just a yellow-skinned alien overlord with wires sticking out his head in the 616 and NOT a mutant!!

Not sure if Major Domo refers to any of Mojo's lackys from 616 or not.

Not really a 616 reference, but Mojo says "Art doesn't have a formula, you spineless suit. There are merits to storytelling tools like decompression." - This seems, at least to me, as an obvious poke at the fans who hate drawn out, decompressed story arcs.

Mojo refers to a kid named Doug Ramsey who showed up on Jeopardy 74 times - Doug Ramsey was a mutie in the 616 who had the power to understand any language...at least I think that was his power!

Nightcrawler tells Colossus that he has "faith" - Nightcrawler of the 616 is a pretty religious dude who almost became a priest!

Ali says she wants to save Longshot because bad boys make her hot - Dazzler was married to Longshot in the 616 and Mojoverse!

The new human chosen to hunt Longshot is a guy named Arcade who has basically tried every kind of gaming ever and got bored with it all - Arcade is an insane 616 villain who is obsessed with trapping his "victims" within games that they have to outsmart and escape from (much like The Riddler, from Batman).

Not a 616 reference alone, but Arcade shoots webbing at Dazzler and then says it was something one of his programmers reverse-engineered from some polymer he scraped off a wall in Manhattan - Spider-Man, anyone?

Spiral shows up in a story about Mojo and Longshot - Spiral was Longshot's lover (Ricochet Rita) who then became Mojo's righthand man...uh...woman!

Major Domo says that the their Genoshan affiliate is rebroadcasting the Blink episode from their premiere - Blink is a teleporting mutant from the 616 who shows up every month in Exiles...although that's not the same Blink from the 616. You see, the 616 Blink is dead and that Blink in Exiles is from the Age of Apocalypse, which is a world where...ah, screw it!!

Ali seems to hate Longshot - In 616, Ali loves Longshot!

Iceman grows a gigantic ice-fist which he uses to grab Spiral, saying he didn't even know he could do that - Iceman in the 616 was always afraid to tap into the full extent of his powers and so he stuck to the basics. If this Iceman's anything like his 616 counterpart then he probably never even bothered to go beyond the snowballs and iceslides (though I doubt that).

Jean manifests here Phoenix Raptor Display - That's a neat ol' 616 Jean trick which I really hate, no matter how pretty it is!
:lol: There're more Dazzler-Longshot moments (like when they get real close) and Longshot also talks about his life being in Genosha (and a growing rebellion there), even though he's hated there. Colossus offers him a place with the X-Men - All that stuff is much like what happened in the 616 where Longshot was from Mojoworld instead of Genosha. He was hated (but watched on TV alot!) and then he got offered a place on the X-Men. He missed his home and eventually went back to start a rebellion.

:sick: Jean goes psycho-evil on Spiral with her Phoenix-ness - The Phoenix made Jean do a whole lot worse things. Of course it turned out that that wasn't really Jean, but...damn you Byrne!!!

Longshot calls the humans "flatscans" - Flatscan is a common term used by the baddie muties in 616.
:heybaby: Longshot and Spiral used to be lovers - Longshot and Spiral used to be lovers
Spiral asks Jean if she's ever loved two men at once - This one ain't strictly 616, but she's had that Wolvie vs Cyclops thing going in her heart for YEARS!
:rockon: The boat Longshot steals from Krakoa is called Mojo II - Whenever Mojo seems to die or whatever and then comes back, it turns out that it's just a kind of Mojo sequel. Mojo II was one such sequel Mojo! Or something like that!

The X-Men are fighting a big black and yellow robo-thingy - The big black and yellow robo-thingy bares a startling resemblance to Warlock, from 616!

Sha-BOOM! I'm all out! DAMN! That was some MAJOR reading and typing! I think I'm gonna need a soda and some more Doritos! And I was thinking of doing this again going through Millar and Bendis' runs. This will take some time, and I'm sure I'll miss some, but it was fun! Please, comment alot!

Guijllons said:
A few more.

Both Xaviers are bald, Magneto has magnetic powers and Gambit has a staff. (oh, you mentioned that one)
Well, at least we can see you're still a smartass no matter what universe you're in!

Guijllons said:
Just to clarify, this is the 616 version right now. (The Ultimate me doesn't have a cape)
How the hell have you survived so long, man? I mean, surely when you act like this to someone in "real life" you've gotten into plenty fights and have had your smart *** kicked! Oh wait, that explains it! That HAS happened and so now you're so scarred from the constant beatings that you hang out here to talk to people and practice your fine art.

And hey, who better than me to understand your compulsion to wanna be a total idiot all the time! I mean, I'm fighting back the urge to say something really harsh to you right now!

Guijllons said:
Now now, calm down there, you sound like you're gonna pop.
Oh the horror! Heh-Heh! Been fun talking trash with you, pal! Hope to do it again sometime, but I really gotta get over this damn homo-inferior logic of mine! I'm a damn Post-Human, I don't need to worry about arguments over nothing, right?

... wow.

anyway, i think those 616 references are indeed put in there as little easter egg references for the older fans, and i believe they are supposed to be caught. so good job on catching those.

...but... i think we caught them too. :wink:
marvelman said:
... wow.

anyway, i think those 616 references are indeed put in there as little easter egg references for the older fans, and i believe they are supposed to be caught. so good job on catching those.

...but... i think we caught them too. :wink:
No fersure, I wasn't saying no one else got em, I was just making a list of all of them that I caught so I could see if there were any I missed, and for any that other readers may have missed.

Speaking of missing some, I've got two I did miss.

In #47 Angel says that The Bugle called the previous evening's murders a "Mutant Massacre" - The Mutant Massacre was in fact a storyline from 616.

In #56 we see Angel pinned to a wall by his wings. This happened to 616 Angel during the Morlock Massacre, and afterwards he was forced to have his wings amputated.

Nice list.

Man, I'm glad they "fixed" that 616 Corsair crap.
TheManWithoutFear said:
Your confusing me with Guij.
I dunno, I do often get threatened by children. And once in a while they do gang up on me and send me on the long cold walk home crying into my underwear. Damn.. I can't think how that fits into the 616 at all.
This is pretty cool. Wouldn't mind an easter eggs thread. I know there are a bunch of them in USM.
Remember in Cry Wofl when people thought Spiral had been used and then she showed up in Genosha? They're sisters. Spiral even mentions that her sister lives in Brooklyn and she wants to go see her sibling soon.
TheManWithoutFear said:
Your confusing me with Guij.

Good list though.

No way, man! He was just being a prat. I think you're friggin' hilarious, for the most part!!


UltimateE said:
Nice list.

Man, I'm glad they "fixed" that 616 Corsair crap.

I personally don't feel that the 616 Corsair idea is crap or that it was "fixed" (since Scott's dad could still be a space pirate called Corsair. Hell, for all we know this could be his reasoning behind the name!). I think the original 616 Corsair and The Starjammers was of its time, but it wouldn't work in the same way today.


Bass said:
Damn fine list there Nas-T. I'd go so far as to call it a manifesto. :D

Well done!
Thank You. The Nas-T Manifesto. Has a nice ring to it!


Ultxon said:
This is pretty cool. Wouldn't mind an easter eggs thread. I know there are a bunch of them in USM.
Yeah, I'm working on that one. I think I'm just gonna start a major thread that covers every writers references and stuff. It'll take a while, and the list will be ever-expanding, and I may skip a few issues in between for those that I don't own, but whatever! I'll work on it!

You should go through all the Ultimate books and do it now. :wink:
Here's one you missed: Longshot's last name Centino is an anagram for Nocenti the last name of his creator Ann Nocenti.

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