Caduceus said:
SeACow Has pretty much summed it up. No transference that way.

Right. First, the Ultimate line is too new.

Second, it features reimagined existing characters - rarely anything new.

Third, no one cares about Geldoff. :mrgreen:
UltimateE said:
Third, no one cares about Geldoff. :mrgreen:
Geldoff: Vas up beyotches?

Xorneto: What the hell are you? I don't know if this is a mutant or what? Lil' help?

Xavier: Shut the hell up! God damn X-men are freaking out again. ****ing Cables trying to take over the world again.
Spider-Man webswings though the city and hears a bank alarm.

SM- Hey stop right there.

The twin siamise mutants turn around and look at him.

SM- WTF are you?

Syndicate- We're Syndicate.

SM - Oh crap not another loser saying we. I already have Venom, Carnage, Doc Ock, & Green Goblin to deal with.

S- Shutup we mean business.

SM - You're not really a Dr.Doom are you?

Blink - Sorry Spider-Man he's with us.

SM- Exiles what are you doing here.

B- sorry he hitched a ride when we visited the Ultimate universe.

SM- The what?

B- well in that world you're still a teenager. The green gobiln is a Hulk ripoff. The avengers are the Ultimates. Thor's crazy. Apocolypse & Loki isn't real. Evrybody that died have stayed dead. Harry's the hulkin Hobgoblin. You never went out with Gwen instead she was killed by Carnage which was a generic clone of you, the lizard, & Venom.

SM- .....

SM- You know I thought the clones I had were weird.
Baxter said:
No reason you can't have two quotes in your sig, now is there?

Yes, E. You could have two quotes. But if you have to choose one, pick mine or I'll have to have my Gerbil Army pay a visit to you and Baxter.

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