81st Academy Awards

But that's the thing - I think they can. I think it's possible. I disagree with your opinion.

So far I think I'm the only one whose arguments are based on hopes, possibilities, and present-evidence and not predictions of the future passed off as solid facts.

But we don't know, because it's years away. So I'll look at what we do know and say that the actor-drama somewhat overshadowed The Dark Knight too, but it didn't end up being a problem, for most people anyway.

Or the very obviously possible (c) a successful and revolutionary continuation of that performance that makes you feel like you're watching the same guy.

You know.


You misunderstand me. I'm not saying the performance wouldn't be as good. I'm saying it wouldn't be percieved as good by the majority of the fanbase.

Regardless of how well the new guy did as the Joker, what would most people be talking about? What would most hardcore fans - of which there are many - of TDK be talking about? They would be talking about this performance, and how it measured up to Heath's. And the majority of people would very likely think that it wasn't as good. Is that really what you want the sequel to TDK to be in the public's eyes? Just a sorry attempt (note that it might NOT be a sorry attempt, just perceived that way, because I think we can agree that TDK fanboys are nothing if not at least occasionally deluded) to mime Ledger's performance? You say the same thing happened in TDK - except it didn't. This would be completely different. This would be someone else stepping into the shoes of the most iconic film performance of this generation. And no matter how well the did, it would be compared unfavorably. I can almost guarantee it. And I wouldn't wish that on any movie, or anyone for that matter.

And if you can say "how unsuccessfully", I can just as easily say "how very successfully".

And if you can say "how very successfully" you can just as easily say "how unsuccessfully." You see what I'm getting at here? It's not about how good the performance is. For Heath, for TDK, that's what it was. For the new guy, for the new Joker, it would be about how well he compared to Ledger. And Ledger won a (deserved) Oscar. So what hope does the new guy have?

I'm not saying never use the Joker again. But not right away. He's in jail. The city is in chaos. Why do we need him right now? What more could the Joker possibly do to the city that he hasn't already done at this point? What would be the point of bringing him back in the very next movie? To throw Gotham into chaos? It's already there. The next movie shouldn't be about the Joker's next grand scheme, it should be about Batman trying to fix what Joker broke.
The man who became The Joker was disfigured by pieces of glass shrapnel caused by Christian Bale violently trashing his lights. His sanity destroyed, he was driven to seek revenge!

And the reason he looks different is because they had to take his FACE/OFF and replace it with another.
The man who became The Joker was disfigured by pieces of glass shrapnel caused by Christian Bale violently trashing his lights. His sanity destroyed, he was driven to seek revenge!

The whole evil clown theatricality bit came from Bale's monstrous cry of "Oh! Duhduhduhduhduh like this in the background!!!"

There's your film.
Oh, I know. I believe I've suggested the same thing: The Joker changes everything, Gotham is overrun with costumed criminals, even a gang of Joker groupie types. (Led by Harley Quinn of course) But I could see things going either way, or even both ways. (The Joker makes a few Hannibal Lecter jailhouse appearances and then is broken out in time to cause some havoc in the finale.)

it would be awesome if he's broken out by Harley and then just shoots her and keeps going!

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