A Crossover of EPIC Proportions [Discussion]

I dunno about anyone else, but a teamup between Deadpool, Spike (from Buffy) , Mal Reynolds (Firefly) and Batman would be awesome...

The easiest of those would be Spike and Mal (just replace the Firefly with a boat :p), but I'll see what I can do with Deadpool.
Characters from a source. Like, characters from an anime, novel, movie, comic book, manga. You know, characters from a pre-existing source.

I'll do custom characters too. Just give me enough info to go by.

The TransFormers versus Godzilla and his merry band of monsters.


*Imagines Dinobot battle with Godzilla*

I've always wanted to see a crossover where the USS Enterprise gets caught in like a electric storm and gets sucked into a wormhole or something and is transported to a time, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, encountering the crew of the Millennium Falcon.
Chapter One of Act One - The Crimson Tear, has just been posted.


Enjoy. :)
I gave this a read, and it was enjoyable.

You almost feel into the trap of over description, almost, especially at the beginning, but you managed to get past that quick enough, and move on with the story.

Though Luffy only had a few lines, you manage to show his personality off well. I think you fell with Riku, even though he only had a a couple of lines as well, his actions would have been different, more magic, less pistols. And the Riku at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 doesn't need the bandage anymore. And he is not overconfident, Riku is disciplined compared to Sora.

I have no idea who Abara or Kadesh were. Or even if they were different people.

Overall though, an enjoyable read.

Good Job.

Midnighter and Apollo from Authority should be in it.
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