A Spiderman series


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Feb 25, 2008
How would you feel about a spiderman live action series. I would enjoy it very much. I would want it to look a lot more like 90210 than Smallville.

What i mean is Smallville looked like a cheap show compared to 90210. And i would want a better grip of teen drama than what Smallville dealt with.

One thing i would do with it which would be a little bit different would have episodes which did not deal with super villains or spiderman.

There would be two distinct styles of episodes, one where Peter has to save the day from villains whilst dealing with his teen life. And other episodes where he is just dealing with his teen life.
I'd love it if they made a 6 to 12 episode mini-series. And be based on of ultimate spider-man. So series 1 = goblin and origin. series 2 = The Kingpin. and so on. I'd just skip Ultimate Six or rework it. And completely skip Superstars.

It'd be perfect as a) the stories are already done. B) they could easily rework the weaker stories to work on tv and c) it'd be modern enough to be cool for new fans.
I worked on virtual series similar to this. But not with the 90210 aspect, there was drama planned but the focus was on the heroics. The problem with smallville wasn't the focus on superheroes it was that the concept hindered the focus on superheroes by actually making the title character a super hero
If they had the budget for something like an episode-for-episode live action version of The Spectacular Spider-Man, it would be like the definitive super-hero show ever. It would work just fine for the 90210 crowd, the geek crowd, casual viewers, arc devotees, etc. It would be.... the bomb.
I don't think I'd want it to be like 90210 or Smallville. Ultimate Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man captured the high school/teen angst angle just right. The trashy teen angst in Smallville is so repulsive and 90210 is...just ridiculous.

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