Jun 10, 2005
South Yorkshire, England
Just wondering who else picked this up. Bass, if you didn't get this, I am going to be seriously suprised.
The art wasn't exactly amazing, but by the end I found myself really likign the art, which is obviously good. I loved it so much I went back and read it again, straight away.
It was done by Alan Moore, with Leah Moore and the other guy scripting it. Since it was done by a Moore, I thought I better go and look closely at the panels, try and find some interesting bits, well, I couldn't find any, but I noticed some things I'd missed first time round.
I really want to pick up the next issue of this, it was very good, and I loved the whole array of the old British superheroes, and the idea that this comic is based upon. Very good Alan, very good indeed.
Can you give us a summary?
Ok, basically it follows a man called Danny, and he is a comic book fan. He reads old English comics. He identified that one of the villains in his comic looks remarkably similar, and did the same things as a villain that has been at large for thirty years, and has just been caught. To see if this is real or not, he goes and watched the criminal being put away. There, he meets a girl called Penny, who shows him videos of people saying that things like Captain Hurricane were actually real people, and the writers and such had to sign a secracy act.
Penny and Danny go to Manchester, where Penny shows a few of these old heros to him, and they see Archie the Robot.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in a strange prison type thing, we geta glimpse of some strange people, some of them with obvious powers, and it looks like this prison place is a hold for superpowered beings.

Thats pretty much it, its actually really good, can't wait for issue 2.

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