Alien vs. Predator - Timeline

But wasn't there a canon reset?
According to the actual writers behind Fire and Stone/Life and Death, no. It was a storytelling reboot, not a universal reset. Also, Marvel's Predator comics brought back John Schaefer from the original Dark Horse comics, so at least the Predator comics are the same universe.

And what about Predator?
What about it? I've added all Dark Horse Predator comics already.
Why do you still have the Wolverine Comic in there? Will you add the Black Panther and Avengers to?
Is that canon though? Because of the Fourth Wall Breaks and stuff
There's too many examples in the multiverse of something existing as fiction in one reality but being real in another. Alien is fictional in the home reality of these variants of R&M.

And if so, what about the other times Alien/Predator crossed over with Rick and Morty?
You mean, the Yautja? Well, from my understanding that wasn't set in the AVP universe but rather a Yautja came to the primary Rick and Morty reality, if they weren't already native. I suppose I could include that, but... it's different.
I feel like the Alien TV series is going to retcon a few things regarding Weyland-Yutani lore, since it's a newly formed conglomerate before Prometheus and the merger happened in 2099. Maybe it's set in 2094? Or, maybe it's just the Weyland Corporation and the details were wrong.

Then again, Predator: Concrete Jungle had a merger happen in 2030 so maybe it is consistent with that. We'll BS it either way, lol.

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